World-famous festivals and carnivals

Even the people who showed absolute indifference to the dancing and music are not able to ignore the annual festivals that are held in India, Japan, Italy, Scotland and many other countries. After all, these events allow us to open up in new ways (including ourselves).

Dancing, merriment, lots of music and General madness are those adjectives that can accurately describe ancient Hindu festival, also known as the festival of colours, festival of lights in Japan, carnival in Italy, the Viking festival in Scotland…

Now let’s talk in more detail about each of these events and their characteristics.

India (ancient festival of colors). The unofficial name of this festival sounds like “Holi”. Many tourists tend to visit it, because it is considered the most ancient Hindu festival in which the locals get mysterious rituals commemorating the victory of the forces of good over the forces of evil. Usually the solemn part of the festival begins with the kindling of a fire, which later destroyed the evil. Only after that start the universal festivals and numerous leisure activities. The timing of this festival is invariably the end of February and the first half of March

Japan (festival of lights refers to the number of winter festivals). It is held twice a year, namely in November and March (in the first half). In the event the famous Botanical garden located in the city of Kuwana (in Japan) is decorated with LED lights (more than 7 million), which on the background of a winter night scenery looks great, since they are a variety of designs, stunning frescoes and paintings. It is noteworthy that the main power of these numerous sweethearts and lanterns is exclusively solar-powered, self-charging during the day.

Italy (carnival). Many tourists do not rarely try to make some Parallels between the specified celebration in Italy and the carnival, which has become a kind of calling card for Venice back in 1162. Though in principle these two events connects little. As the residents of Venice for the first time such large quantities came to the main square to celebrate the victory (don’t say in what) another war. Modern carnival, held annually in Italy, purchased a lot at the expense of what was noticeably different from its so-called progenitor. But, his “calling card” steel mask as recognizable today literally everywhere

Scotland (Viking Festival). This festival is also known as “Helly Aa Up”. Many classify it as the most striking is the fire festival. The main feature of this event is that its vivid special effects and characteristic atmosphere is able to move us gloomy mysterious past of the Shetland Islands. In addition, you will be able to participate in an impressive torchlight procession, dressed in original costumes and walk along a known route next to a crowd of thousands such as you dressed in suits and eager to show people. The final point of the March is considered the area which in a solemn ceremony, the organizers of the festival burning Viking ship. The festival is traditionally held in January, namely on the last Tuesday of the month.

Spain (tomato festival).

USA (festival balloons). Held annually in October.

USA (festival known as Burning Man).

China (the lantern festival).

Peru (festival of the sun).

Japan (snow festival).

Mexico (Day of the dead).

Russia (a festival dedicated to white nights).

USA (electronic music festival, forest, known as the “Electric Forest”). Specified musical event rightfully claims the title of most significant developments in the world of electronic music (note, extremely modern). The festival organizers are very organically and intelligently woven all sorts of avant-garde installations in the surrounding, mostly in natural objects. Since arriving in the U.S. in June you will be able to enjoy this unusual holiday music in conjunction with the brand, surrealist paintings (the total duration of the festival – 4 days).

Portugal (festival of sand sculptures). This exhibition of sand sculptures is considered the largest, annual event, during which involved approximately 15,000 square feet of Portuguese beaches. Often in the festival involved a minimum of 60 artists that use about 35 000 tonnes of beach sand, in order to please the visitors of the festival a truly amazing works of art.

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