White Nights Salsa Festival

“Dear friends, it is time to summarize the festival White Nights Salsa Fest. Perhaps for someone White Nights was another line in his schedule, and for someone was opening a new, colorful world of music and dance. And I’d like to think that this festival is in its short history has already become a landmark event in the dance of life of the country.

Salsa in Russia and neighboring countries is not static, it evolves, and over the last few years there are a lot of festivals, congresses and weekends completely different scale. What city on the map might take – everywhere has its own festival, or “festival.” Unconscious competition among all of these activities put before the members is a serious matter of choice and, unfortunately, sometimes mutually exclusive. Repeatedly heard from you that the festival was so much that the audience is forced to literally burst. In conditions when the supply is in a hurry to exceed the demand, the further fruitful development of the White Nights Salsa Fest is becoming more difficult, and in many vectors of development. How in the direction of live music, without which I don’t think any one festival, and in the direction of improving the quality of the artists and instructors, when, apparently, for 15 years of salsa in St. Petersburg, here have already visited all the top teachers.

Any festival every year should only get better and bigger, he is not allowed to stagnate in one place. But if the festival, due to objective reasons, can not develop, so he cannot have an increase. And I made the difficult (given my boundless love for salsa and the years he devoted to the business of life) a decision to close White Nights. Everything was okay, and for other projects, I decided to abandon the format of the festival to free up enough time and energy to develop new ideas, my favorite Studio Salsa Plus and, of course, live music.

Every good song should be a good final, in the right place at the right time. But if the song is not going to end, soon it will bore even the most devoted fans. So I report that the festival White Nights Salsa Fest is officially closed. Ahead new time, new ideas, meetings and surprises.

P. S. to sum up a two-year history of the festival White Nights, I want to say a huge thank you to all participants and spectators, but also for its dedicated team that made this summer salsa festival. The festival has much to be proud: it is the first visit to Russia, the Eddie Torres the Mambo king, and the king of salsa Los Angeles – johnny Vasquez, this concert incomparable Isaac Delgado together with a group of the cube Jam, and jointly written by a group Descarga themselves with Frankie Vasquez track “Noche de mambo”, now sounding on the dance floor or in your players. So sure, Russia has much to be proud of!”

Polina Soboleva:

“Dear friends!

Creating our festivals, we sought to develop a Latin American dance culture in Russia. We wanted to give you the opportunity to see, to dance, to communicate with experts of world level, it invited the best of the best in the world salsa dancing and salsa music. And I think we managed to do that. White Night Salsa Fest immediately became a bright event in the world of social dancing, festival, and perfect. You came at him from different cities and countries, and together we created a unique atmosphere of dancing in white Saint-Petersburg night.

But now it’s time to say goodbye. With regret and sadness we, the team of White Night Salsa Fest and I, Polina Soboleva, announcing the closing of the festival.

This step was not easy, but it was necessary. To do good activities ─ it everyday, exhausting work that takes a lot of effort and even more time. And now is the time to reassess priorities, to spend more time on family and other projects.

The second reason is a difficult and unpredictable economic situation in the country, which we all know. Sorry, currently we cannot guarantee the festival is at the high level that was set in previous years. But “making worse” our team can not and do not agree.


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