Unusual holidays Spain

Spain is one of the most popular European countries among Russian tourists. This country boasts a mild climate, rich culture and resilient people. As in other countries, in Spain there are national holidays which are celebrated only in this country, or even in a particular city. Today I will talk about two of the most unusual, in my opinion, holidays Spain. This Fallas and La Tomatina.

Fallas is a celebration of spring in Valencia, which lasts from the beginning of March, and culminating in the night from 19 to 20 March. Naturally, the offensive is celebrated not only in Valencia, but also in Spain and even around the world. However, Fallas has a unique flavor that makes hundreds of thousands of people to flock to Valencia in mid-March. No wonder these days the city’s population is growing at two to three times .

Fallas something like Russian Shrovetide, because as the Russians, the Spaniards in the night from 19 to 20 March burn a huge doll. And Fallas begins on the first day of the first month of spring parade of pyrotechnics. Professional pyrotechnics several days in a row competing for the most spectacular fireworks. Fire flowers tear the sky Valencia hourly. At this time, other pyrotechnics are doing what is thrown under the feet of passers-by various fireworks and crackers. And if You don’t know about this custom, cheerful offended by the Spaniards, is not worth it. Better hurry to your nearest store of fireworks and also to join in the fun. After all, to break off firecrackers and small bombs can be anyone.

After the parade, the fireworks comes the stage of offering flowers as a gift to the Patron Saint of all defenseless. They dress up in costumes and go to the area of the Holy virgin. Here the statue of the virgin with the Infant in her arms, which carry a multitude of colors and compositions of them. Three days after the beginning of the offerings of the Spanish cook a huge paella and treat all comers. Although the main cooking dish of the Fallas are the donuts with chocolate. They can be purchased almost everywhere at any time of the day.

Since March 15, throughout Valencia put huge figures Fallas. They are usually portrayed in a comical manner real Spanish politicians, famous actors and TV presenters. Tall doll can reach twenty meters, and their creation are whole teams of designers and artists . Fallas are specially made from materials that easily burn. The number of shapes that are installed in the city is changing every year. But definitely put them a few hundred. Of them their fate, that is, the combustion will escape only a few dolls that after the holiday will live in the Fallas Museum.

Festive burning of the Fallas begins March 19 at 10 PM. First, in the course are dolls small size. And at midnight the fire to large figures. If you look at Valencia from height of bird’s flight, the city will remind one blazing torch. After the last Fallas are burnt out, the city shake one last salute, which lasts for an hour. So the Spaniards celebrate the Fallas.

In the last week of August in the Spanish town of Buñol Tomatina is a festival or battle of the Tomatoes. It is dedicated to the departing flight. “Tomato festival” is a lot of music, dancing, refreshments and fun. Well, the culmination of the festival is the tomato fight which takes place in the town square.

From the title it is clear that the main participants of the battle are ripe tomatoes that residents and guests of the city are thrown into each other. The main square of the city brought a few trucks of these vegetables. In the fun involved several tens of thousands of people. The main goal of the battle is to get tomatoes at anyone he sees. So often the victim may be someone who is not even involved in the battle .

Battle of the tomatoes lasts two hours, at this time stop all the cafes, bars and restaurants. And on the Windows of public places and houses hang special panels of plastic.

To fun not developed into a fight, you should follow some restrictions. There are four of them: the battle begins and ends strictly at the sounds of the firecrackers, which starts from the town hall; you can only throw tomatoes; you can’t rip on another garment; it is forbidden to interfere with the movement of trucks loaded with tomatoes.

Battle of the tomatoes ends with a dip in the pool, which is filled with tomato juice.

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