Unusual holidays of the peoples of the world

People who are unfamiliar with other cultures might perceive the holidays as a little eccentric and unusual, because of their traditions all have long been accustomed. This article describes some of the holidays of different Nations, which for them is as common as your for you.

1. “Midsummer” – residents Slavic countries celebrate this day for many centuries, but foreigners perceive it as unusual. The festival falls on the night of the summer solstice – the shortest of the year. On Midsummer fires are burning everywhere, through which according to the custom of jumping the youth, singing, a variety of games and constant scrying rituals. The holiday is dedicated to the light, the sun and all living things: “On Midsummer dew medicinal, medicinal herb, and water purification”.

2. “Festival of the pigs” – annual gala in Malolos, in the Philippines. On this day, all pigs city primping: the females wear fancy dresses, romanet cheeks and finger paint, and the boys dress up in costumes sailors, overalls or clown clothes. Thus the townspeople revere pigs, as this area is the main supplier of pork in the country.

3. Groundhog day – is celebrated fevralya in America and Canada. For the Groundhog on this day is special observation by thousands of people, because his behavior predicts how quickly spring comes. In cloudy weather, when we can’t see the shadow of the animal, you can expect fast warming, and if the day is Sunny and the Groundhog sees his shadow, then winter position is not going to pass.

4. “International pancake day” – runs in the U.S. state of Kansas in the middle of February. The townspeople are competing in the race with a frying pan pancakes, along the way, they have to toss the pancake in the pan, and dressed hostess unchanged in aprons and dresses. Pancakes, reached the finish line, get on the table for participants and spectators.

5. “Fire festival” – marked Luxembourgers March 13, because they firmly believe that the thirteenth day of the third month is the time when evil spirits typed the greatest power. In celebration of bonfires as a symbol of the Spring and the Sun.

6. “Parrot Day” – each year it is celebrated residents of Upper Garonne on the first Sunday of may. During the celebration takes place the main competition: king of the celebration is the one who from the bow will be in the mock-bird, mounted on a 45 metre mast. All forty-selected participants dressed in medieval outfits – very picturesque.

7. “Feline festival” – so-called holiday in the Belgian city of Ypres. It is celebrated on 9 may. On this day, with a Central bell tower people throw a lot of toy cats (it used to be that killing the cat as a symbol of evil, we can obtain the remission of sins).

8. “Festival of roses” – Bulgarian costume festival, which takes place may 21. Rose is one of the symbols of the Bulgarian state and is revered there especially. The opening of the festival takes place on the field with the ceremony of collecting petals, from which later will make wreaths. At the celebration are various art collectives and individual representatives of the art world. The main event of the festival – the Queen of Roses.

9. “Herring day” – each year in may first Saturday it is celebrated the Netherlands. It is believed that the herring may fatten the maximum fat which makes it even tastier. Holiday guests are offered treats of freshly caught herring, and the first ship that brought the fish to the port, receives a cash award. Herring delivered to the beginning of the week so she had time to prepare a special recipe, and the first barrel of picked herring is given as a gift to the Queen. All remaining fish becomes food herring feasts. On this day the streets are decorated with many flags, for which he received another name, “the Day of the check boxes” play music bands, hosts a variety of events, including equestrian, vintage sailing boats are waiting for their passengers for sightseeing trips.

10. “Day Five-petal roses” – in 1986 he returned to the Czech town of Krumlov. The celebration takes place in the medieval theme of the carnival action. Krumlov is a wonderful city with a medieval atmosphere that is perfectly suited for such celebrations. On July 17, all residents become ladies, monks, merchants and knights originating from the middle ages. In the framework of the festival a colorful March with flags and torches drumbeat. At a medieval fair fresh bread, prepared according to old recipes, armor for every taste and size, as well as games in live chess, master of ancient weapons and shooting with real muskets.

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