Tver culinary festivals

Recently the Tver region became the venue for a variety of activities, many of which in one way or another relate to the field of nutrition. So in the fall of 2014 for the first time in the Province, in the North, passed the Cranberry festival in June 2015 two culinary festival will be held in Ostashkov district and the ancient city of Kashin.

On 20 June for the first time on the territory of the Park Hotel “SDL” food festival will be held “Seliger Rybnik”.

The event will be determined by the most delicious fish pie fresh local fish prepared by local chefs, the recipe of which will form the basis of the gastronomic brand of Seliger and gastronomic tours of the lake Seliger, Tver region with the further promotion of the Russian and international tourist markets.

The festival is also planned:

fair of local products grown and produced on the territory of the Seliger region.

fish market, where you can taste and buy all kinds of fish, prepared in various ways known only at Seliger.

performances by various folk groups and Amateur, where you can take part in folk festivals, competitions and games.

As well as master classes of star chefs . where everyone can see how the best professionals-experts in Russian cuisine pies fresh Seliger fish, using authentic recipes.

Master-classes will be held:

Cheesecakes Maxim – known chef, restaurateur, businessman, researcher of Russian gastronomic traditions, the author of many books about Russian cuisine. The founder of the Foundation for the preservation of Russian cuisine “Russian kitchen”community of professionals, supporters of Russian cuisine

Vasily Emelianenko – the Brand chef network “SIPMARKET”, television presenter.

Anton Prokofiev – chef “Dinner dinner”

Vlad Piskunov – anchor culinary programs, the author of the books

Boris Akimov – founder – co-owner of “Shop-shop”, television presenter

Ivan Merkulov – head of the project “PIR”, the Vice-President of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers

And exactly one week, on June 27, in the other corner of the Tver region. in the homeland of the Holy Princess Anna of Kashin, who in his earthly life was the spouse of the Tver Prince Mikhail of Tver, in the city of Kashin, also known by its balneological resort, opened in 1884, festival on Cereal .

The festival is organized by the administration Kashinsky district and the Assembly of peoples of Russia, the Charitable Foundation for social and legal support of veterans of law-enforcement bodies of the Ministry of internal Affairs, FSB, the Phoenix, the prize Fund is formed with the support of the brand “Clear Sun” and is consistent with the theme of the festival.

Festival of cereal in Cascina is a celebration of the revived traditions and ancient culinary secrets. That is why the villagers decided to install the loudest gastronomic record of recent years, which will be included in the famous Guinness Book of records. In a large pot with a volume of more than 1000 liters boil the porridge and gave it to everyone.

Cities and regions of Russia will demonstrate their unique culinary delights and tourist routes, which are considered as the brand of this or that region.

The festival will be held the contest “COOK of the YEAR” . Prepared by the participants porridge will appreciate the specially trained jury and popular opinion, and a portrait of the winner will take its place in the Museum of porridge and Kashin traditions.

In the festival program:

The establishment of the RECORD “the biggest portion of buckwheat (1000 liters), cooked in one pot”

The contest “COOK of the YEAR”

Tasting cereals, cooked according to old recipes

Fair Posad artisans presenting their wares and workshops

Interactive tours and fair at the Museum of porridge and Kashin traditions

Folk games and Russian dance with creative teams “Play the City” and “the Firebird”.

Organized tourist groups by the company-partner of the project “KASHIN GRAD”. The package includes: city tour Russian heart – Kashin, participation in the program of the festival, a tour of the Museum Kashi and Kashin traditions, interactive program with traditional musical instruments, fairy tale characters, master-class on painting Kashinsky sticks.


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