Tulip festival

1 April in Turkey opens Eighth of the Istanbul Tulip festival . which will last until April 30. The festival organized by the city municipality. Especially for another of the most visited festival in Istanbul’s parks were planted 14 million 420 thousand tulips 270 species. Thus, in the Emirğan (Emirkhan) were planted 2 million 500 thousand tulips in Yıldız Park (Yildiz — Star) – 550 thousand in the Park Gülhan (Gulhane) – 265 thousand of these incredibly beautiful flowers.

This year’s festival offers its visitors a rich program of events. 1 through April 12, showroom gallery Dolmabahçe (dolmabahçe) will offer an exhibition entitled “Tulip Time”, which will showcase the creations of famous sculptors and artists of Turkey.

From 6 to 28 April in the exhibition hall Emirkhan Park will be exhibited paintings of the artist Ismail ajar, and Park Göztepe (Gestapo) will surprise with sculptures of tulips.

Also, be held a traditional contest for the best photo of a Tulip. 12 may Park in Beyaz Köşk (Beyaz keshk) contest winners will be awarded with memorable gifts.

Turkey. Tulip festival

Now let’s turn our attention to the past… For many centuries the Tulip is one of the symbols of Turkey. With this flower, Turkish name which lAle (LaLe), is associated with many folklore and cultural traditions since the great Ottoman Empire.

In those distant and wonderful times carpets, clothes, dishes. mosque walls were decorated with ornaments with the image of a Tulip.

Aware of the existence of a special type of Tulip, the name of “Ottoman” — red, with thin, pointed petals which are then compared with the edge of the sword, with the curve of the female eyebrow. In honor of this flower in spring feast.

In April 2005, Turkey has regained the glory of the Queen of tulips, reviving spring festival in honor of the flower, the tubers of which, during the reign of the Ottomans, under penalty of death, were forbidden to export from the country. Tulips were a national treasure of the Empire.

The slogan of the first festival were the words: “the Most beautiful tulips grow in Istanbul”. Landed early and late varieties and now every spring Istanbul, for more than two months, is buried in the million tulips bloom.

Near Agia Sophia is the area at the time of the festival this sets up a platform, which is decorated with hundreds of tulips. For several days, here are the popular singers and groups, and tulips distributed to all comers for free.

At this time, locals and visitors can see exhibitions of different varieties of Tulip, and at the fair to purchase the bulbs of the rarest varieties of this insanely beautiful flower.

Everywhere in the squares and parks of Turkey’s best designers create landscape composition, but the real center of the flower show of the festival is always the Park Emirkhan .

Turkey. Tulip festival

Emirkhan Park is situated on the European side of the Bosphorus, on the shores of the Strait, on the hill. Once this place was called “Cypress forest”, because the whole was covered with cypress trees. The Park is still preserved cypress trees Dating back several centuries, and various types of pines and cedars.

On this site in the XVII century Palace of the Turkish Sultan gave the Persian Prince Emirkhan for the fact that he voluntarily came under his power.

In the nineteenth century the owner of the Palace was the Ottoman Governor of Egypt and Sudan. In the Palace Park, on his orders were built delightful wooden pavilions. To have survived only three of them and after careful restoration, they found a second life.

Every year, the slopes of the hill is covered with more than 10 million flowers. Of them are bright compositions, which miraculously fit into the landscape of the Park.

Blue Muscari, white and yellow daffodils, tulips, palette ranging from pure white to violet – turn the Park into a fantastic, colourful spectacle. Three historic pavilion, which differ in the color of the facade, — “white”, “yellow” and “pink”, and together with decorative ponds are an organic composition with the surrounding color scheme of the Park.

Park with Jogging trails and plenty of picnic tables is one of the most favorite places of recreation for residents and visitors of Istanbul.

Emirkhan Park located far from the center of the city, but, I think, deserves the attention of tourists who come to Istanbul in the spring, in April-may. Nobody can remain indifferent to the magnificence of this flowering of the Park. No wonder Turkey believes that at the bottom of a Tulip you can find happiness.

Turkey. Tulip festival

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