The strangest and Most unusual festivals

People always want some festival, bright colors and unforgettable emotions. For this they have invented the most different, unusual, colorful, and at times strange festivals. As I learned in the world of festivals, you once again marvel at the inexhaustible human imagination.

The festival of colors Holi in India

The most colorful of all festivals. Holi is an annual Hindu celebration of spring and bright colors. Traditionally on this holiday are mass celebrations, osypanie dyes from herbs and natural dyes (gulal) and pouring water. The exact date of the festival is impossible to say, as she changes from year to year and depends on the full moon. It is believed that more paint was poured on the clothes and face of the party, the celebration, the brighter and more successful will be his next year. By the way, this bright holiday is celebrated not only in India, and now our compatriots inspired idea, organize festivals in Ukraine, particularly in Kiev this summer also sprinkled each other with paints and got lots of positive.

When: Usually Holi falls on late February-early March. In 2014, the holiday Continue reading

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