The Most beautiful snow festivals in the world

For those who love winter, it is not difficult to organize a festival for the millions of visitors per month to build an entire city made of snow and ice. The collection — three is a Paradise for lovers of winter.

Sapporo (Japan)

First snow festival in Sapporo Japanese was held in 1950, and the story of its creation is very romantic. Tell that students are simply sculpted animals out of the snow and passers-by liked it so much that the idea of turning children’s art into a citywide celebration. Two decades it was an event at a local scale, but the Winter Olympics of 1972 brought the festival to the world level, and in 1974 in Sapporo hosted the first international competition to create pieces of snow and ice.

Each year the festival has expanded. Now it lasts exactly one week in early February and distributed in three areas of the city (Odori Park, the stadium Tsutomu, quarter Susukino). However, for participants, the work begins much earlier: teams arrive in Sapporo almost a month to create their works, and delivered to the city a huge amount of snow on five-ton trucks. To create these massive pieces of wooden frame is created, there is filled Continue reading

How to make a mask with your hands at the carnival

Here’s an easy way to make a mask with your hands for a masquerade party. This Venetian mask will look as good as just bought at the Italian store.

Do Venetian mask with your hands

Most of the work on painting requires some details. Because tools are often used only once or twice, they should be cheap. Masks of good quality are expensive because of the originality and uniqueness. It’s too expensive for such low usage. We are going to use the materials at hand to create these interesting masks.

You can use this statement as a basis for creating your masks. For example, decorate it with lace or gold braid or change its shape – make narrower.

Photo for example:

Step 1. Materials

What you’ll need .

• Cheap styrene comic masks from the store

• Polyurethane resin for car repair or glass

• Hot glue

• Super glue gel

• A few scraps of fabric (I like satin)

• Art acrylic paint and ink

• Trimming lace (if you want to get really fantasy)

• Epoxy resin

• Imagination

The comic mask in the store are very cheap, cost 100 rubles. for 10 masks, but they are very low quality and at first glance is not too promising. Holes for the eyes wrong as the holes for nose and mouth. Nose they are small, not well-formed Continue reading

The festival Started

One hundred ten years later. The scenery of the space city of the future, battles robots and disco extraterrestrial beings, hardcore-music – all this could be the attributes of a fantastic film, but it was the performance opened on the 10th festival of cinema and theatre “Amur autumn” in Blagoveshchensk.

The President of festival Sergey Novozhilov and General producer Anton Kaluzhny to open the contest came in the original appearance of deep Oldies. The performance was dedicated to the history, because under the auspices of the science takes place the festival “Amur autumn”. Listing sponsors, Sergey Novozhilov and Anton Kaluzhny introduced the host of the opening ceremony. Eight years ago, Anton Kaluzhny met a girl on the promenade, which was asked to bring Dmitry Nagiyev . However, it turned out he had only come for the anniversary festival, but immediately leading to the opening.

-Saving up for a star – parried Dmitry Nagiyev and added, – However, and not accumulated. Just kidding. All for the sake of art.

And Sergei Novozhilov shared joy that Gosha Kutsenko and Irina Apeksimova still managed to fly from Vladivostok, but without decorations. In the play used the bench from Annunciation Park. Despite the half-hour Continue reading

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