White Nights Salsa Festival

“Dear friends, it is time to summarize the festival White Nights Salsa Fest. Perhaps for someone White Nights was another line in his schedule, and for someone was opening a new, colorful world of music and dance. And I’d like to think that this festival is in its short history has already become a landmark event in the dance of life of the country.

Salsa in Russia and neighboring countries is not static, it evolves, and over the last few years there are a lot of festivals, congresses and weekends completely different scale. What city on the map might take – everywhere has its own festival, or “festival.” Unconscious competition among all of these activities put before the members is a serious matter of choice and, unfortunately, sometimes mutually exclusive. Repeatedly heard from you that the festival was so much that the audience is forced to literally burst. In conditions when the supply is in a hurry to exceed the demand, the further fruitful development of the White Nights Salsa Fest is becoming more difficult, and in many vectors of development. How in the direction of live music, without which I don’t think any one festival, and in the direction of improving the quality of the artists and instructors, when, apparently, for 15 years of salsa Continue reading

Kharkov brought “Holy Bread”

The song and dance ensemble “syzirya” Lozova College of culture and arts, Kharkiv region took part in the VIII International festival of Slavic culture “Hammersky autumn” . who 17-19 September was held in the village Hotmark the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation. This year the festival was dedicated to 100-th anniversary of the canonization of Saint Joasaph, Bishop of Belgorod, so the event itself was held under the sign of the spiritual unity of the Slavic peoples.

According to the Director of Kharkiv regional center of culture and art Tatiana Ishchenko, the festival brought together 24 of the creative team, as well as masters of decorative-applied art from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. The trip of our folk group on this traditional celebration of Slavic culture was organized with the support of the Kharkiv regional center of culture and art. Ensemble “syzirya” (head – honored worker of culture of Ukraine Continue reading

Festival Primorsko strings

Festival movement art song in the Far East already has a 25-year history.

The first steps of the author’s song were made in the early 70-ies, and the first festival was held in 1976 in the town of Arsenyev.

Next year in Vladivostok, in the Palace of culture named after V. I. Lenin, passes “the tourist Competition of Patriotic songs”. Spent his Regional Committee of Komsomol, the President of the jury was the first female captain Anna Shchetinina, honorary member of the jury – Andrew Theological (famous composer). After the contest was created the first city club of Amateur song.

As its name “Seaside strings” the festival received in 1978, this year it was held at the stadium “Dynamo”. The festival had guests from Moscow, famous artists Boris wachnik and Sergey Krylov.

1979. Festival “Seaside strings” the first time takes place on the shore of the Bay Shamory in terms of tourist camps. The organizers were the Regional Committee of the Komsomol and the club of Amateur song “Search”, whose President was Serhiy Rybalka. The jury members were well-known authors artists Continue reading

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Festival Primorsko strings
Festival movement art song in the Far East already has a 25-year history. The first steps of the author's song were made in the early 70-ies, and the first festival…

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