Fall festival

Permyakov not surprise holidays, parades, festivals, and more – in the land of plenty. The better we will be to compare the list below. Let’s start with the fact that in Europe, as well as in Perm, a huge number of festivals devoted to food, especially guilt. The wine is celebrated in every country where the grapes are grown.

But we’ll talk about non-standard products-such as pizza. Pizza festival « Pizzafest ” is traditionally held in Naples, this year fans of Italian food will gather at the exhibition center d’Oltremare September 8 to watch match of the best of pizzaiolo world, and, most importantly, taste as many pizzas as you want. The process of eating is accompanied by competitions and concerts.

If the pride of Italians – pizza, in Bavaria – this beer. Oktoberfest begins in September and ends in October. This year, beer lovers and the races will begin to celebrate on September 17. By tradition, the opening day of the festival, exactly at 12: 00, the mayor opens a barrel of beer. This symbolic action Continue reading

Ten sexiest festivals of the world

You like incendiary erotic dance, you want to be in society openly dressed seductive beauties or brutal beauties? Then why not visit some of the ten sexiest festivals around the world.

New Orleans Burlesque Festival

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

This lively festival takes place in New Orleans every year in mid-September. Within three days the guests of the holiday shows naughty Striptease-rooms, showing some of the hundreds of incredibly sexy dance. However, you can not only watch, but also to learn: in the framework of this event hosts a series of educational workshops where you will learn how to sensually remove the stockings, and learn a lot of passionate sexual excitatory PA.

German Fetish Ball Weekend

Berlin, Germany

Every year one weekend Berlin becomes the capital of all the fetishists and BDSM adherents. Thousands of fans of such pleasures from all over the world come to this city to participate in perhaps the sexiest weekend of Europe: view uninhibited fashion shows, erotic shows, voluptuous show and to visit many “colleagues” dressed in lace and skin. If you decide to attend this celebration of sex, it’s time to think about tickets: this year the festival will be held from 25 to 28 may.

World Body Painting Festival

In Kärnten, Austria

Body painting is a special direction in the art of their Continue reading

The festival Started

One hundred ten years later. The scenery of the space city of the future, battles robots and disco extraterrestrial beings, hardcore-music – all this could be the attributes of a fantastic film, but it was the performance opened on the 10th festival of cinema and theatre “Amur autumn” in Blagoveshchensk.

The President of festival Sergey Novozhilov and General producer Anton Kaluzhny to open the contest came in the original appearance of deep Oldies. The performance was dedicated to the history, because under the auspices of the science takes place the festival “Amur autumn”. Listing sponsors, Sergey Novozhilov and Anton Kaluzhny introduced the host of the opening ceremony. Eight years ago, Anton Kaluzhny met a girl on the promenade, which was asked to bring Dmitry Nagiyev . However, it turned out he had only come for the anniversary festival, but immediately leading to the opening.

-Saving up for a star – parried Dmitry Nagiyev and added, – However, and not accumulated. Just kidding. All for the sake of art.

And Sergei Novozhilov shared joy that Gosha Kutsenko and Irina Apeksimova still managed to fly from Vladivostok, but without decorations. In the play used the bench from Annunciation Park. Despite the half-hour Continue reading

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