The brightest festivals of popular culture

This year in Russia declared the Year of culture. But where, as at the festivals of folk culture can fully enjoy all the talents of its people and to see, hear and taste all that our country is rich? We will talk about the best of them.

“Legends Of Tamany”

In early September, in the Krasnodar region on the Azov sea coast, kicks off the festival of Cossack culture. More than two hundred years ago in this place landed black sea Cossacks settlers, who arrived to master the fertile lands of the Kuban, and today it houses the ethnographic Museum under the open sky “Ataman”, which is a recreated Cossack stanitsa of late XIX – early XX centuries. For several days during the festival Cossacks demonstrate the art of riding, showing dancing skills, singing old Cossack songs. An unforgettable sight – a horse-racing festival with trick riding and traditional cutting the vine. The program of the festival also includes folk festival “Green Apple”, the agricultural exhibition, master-classes of folk arts and crafts of the South of Russia.

“Siberian carnival”

Every year on the last day of carnival, the day before lent, in the village Suhobuzimskoe Continue reading

Gala concert of the festival Pushkin autumn

Last school year my daughter and I infinitely went to theatres and concert halls. Since all of these campaigns were not canceled its daily classes in a dance Studio and not canceled participation in concerts and competitions, and by the summer she was pressed down to the last drop. Sometimes after a performance I carried her home in her arms, because the child off the subway right, it was worth it just to sit down. And this year we rest. She rests.

Gala concert of the festival “Pushkin autumn”

We got to the concert by luck. The year before on such a concert could get by purchasing tickets at the box office of the Alexandrinsky theater. And this time the show was, as they say, a closed, by invitation only. We with Sasha were invited. The daughter of my friend,Cascina age, who studied classical dance, along with her team participated in the concert. Miss this event, the performance at this stage we could not. Then I could not imagine Continue reading

Festival of Cuban

Hello everyone, in the last few years one event began to receive more and more attention. This event — Cubana festival, which takes place every summer on the Taman Peninsula . It just so happened that we happened to be at this festival back in 2010, with pleasure visited it, I hope that we will also be able to get out there!

So, I want to tell You a little about this festival, it is not for nothing he gets so much attention, Cuban and on the first channel was on the news . and according to other sources on television and on the Internet and on the radio about the Cuban is a lot of talking and talking.

Why do You think so much attention is the festival of Cuban?

I will answer You. The Cuban is so much talk because it’s a unique festival, which every year is improving and changing for the better .

Now consider some points that, in my opinion, and add to the uniqueness of the festival Cubana.

First — Cubana festival takes place in the midst of a season of holidays and vacations on the Black sea! This is a very serious plus, as You will not only be able to listen to music, but also to spend a vacation at sea!

Second — at the festival of the ramparts are very famous and diverse artists . not only Continue reading

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