A Taste of Greece

Love the Mediterranean countries has led to a “conspiracy” of Italy, Morocco, Spain and Greece: these States expressed the need to recognize the uniqueness of the Mediterranean diet. And UNESCO gave up. Several years ago, the style of food of the inhabitants of this region of Europe was included in the world heritage list. Every year in every corner of the Mediterranean culinary festivals are held, so Greece, which is famous for one of the most healthy diets, can’t stay away from the holidays.

The mushroom festival in grevená

The picturesque town of GREVENA, which is in Northern Greece, was the perfect venue for the festival of mushrooms. Untouched forests brought him right to be called the “mushroom capital of Greece”. Every year in late summer, fans of the forest gather in the Village for a holiday. The official part includes educational seminars and trips into the woods to investigate. The rest of the visitors enjoy the pickled mushrooms and other products from mushrooms (jam, liqueur, nougat). A culinary adventure is accompanied by musicians playing rock and jazz. For those wishing Continue reading

Striking events

In the list of the brightest events of 2012 should definitely make the festival “Medieval Khotyn”. Because this year the festival will be held. Date “Medieval Khotyn”  – from 29 April to 2 may .

About what it will be and the good, the organisers said.

As always extensively about the upcoming event, answered Anton Trubnikov.

— Tell us about what the event is scheduled in Khotyn.

— This year’s “battle of the Nations” takes place in Warsaw, for the reasons which we have already referred to. However, Hawtin is the homeland of the “battle of the Nations”, we love and respect this unique and beautiful place, and our loyal audience of local residents and lovers of the middle ages, lovers of medieval battles. In addition, for various reasons in Warsaw can’t go all the reenactors from the territory of our countries.

For them will be organized the first international festival “Medieval Khotyn”, in which for the first time on the territory of the Khotyn fortress will be the horse fights in full contact, horseback clashed, Hiking fights, who managed to catch the fancy of our viewers.

Will participate the historical reconstruction clubs from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, perhaps, the Baltic States and Moldova. We invite Continue reading

Costumes buy in harlequin

Carnival costumes

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