The strangest and Most unusual festivals

People always want some festival, bright colors and unforgettable emotions. For this they have invented the most different, unusual, colorful, and at times strange festivals. As I learned in the world of festivals, you once again marvel at the inexhaustible human imagination.

The festival of colors Holi in India

The most colorful of all festivals. Holi is an annual Hindu celebration of spring and bright colors. Traditionally on this holiday are mass celebrations, osypanie dyes from herbs and natural dyes (gulal) and pouring water. The exact date of the festival is impossible to say, as she changes from year to year and depends on the full moon. It is believed that more paint was poured on the clothes and face of the party, the celebration, the brighter and more successful will be his next year. By the way, this bright holiday is celebrated not only in India, and now our compatriots inspired idea, organize festivals in Ukraine, particularly in Kiev this summer also sprinkled each other with paints and got lots of positive.

When: Usually Holi falls on late February-early March. In 2014, the holiday is celebrated on March 17.

Every year in Spain, in the town of buñol is very amazing and strange festival, the purpose of this festival is to bombard each other with tomatoes. Approximately 30,000 people come to the city for the tomato fight, while the population of Buñol just 9,000 people. In the city prepare for this festival not only visitors, but also local vendors, harboring their stalls, shops from tomato invasion. Many trucks brought 10 tons of tomatoes in the centre and the fun begins. After the festival, the city firefighters wash machine, washing away huge jet of all tomatoes, or rather what is left of them.

When: August 29.

Where: Bunol, Valencia

Boryeong Mud Festival

Asians love to stir strange holidays. So, every summer in the South Korean city of Borione is an unusual festival. The first time it was held here in 1998 and became so popular that in 2006, came here one and a half million guests. Specially for the festival near the town of excavated dirt. Then bring her in special places, “Mud Experience Land” where any participant of the festival can heartily izvoziti in the mud of your friend or a passerby.

When: second week of July.

Where: Boryong, South Korea.

Championship carrying wives

Participants compete in the obstacle race, carrying on the neck of their wives. The winner wins the amount of beer, equal to the weight of his wife. The idea of the festival belongs to Finland, but the event is so exciting and interesting that over time gained popularity around the world.

When: August 18-19

Where: Finland

Hadak Matsuri

This strange festival is also called “ Naked festival”. The participants of the clothes can be seen only traditional Japanese «fundoshi” – loincloth. Half naked Japanese people and the country happily doused each other with water and throwing mud, which is a symbol of spiritual purification. Such events are held in many Japanese cities, mainly in winter and summer. The most famous festival is held in Okayama, in the temple Sadaji: it annually to over 9000 men.

When: usually in summer or winter.

Lopburi monkey festival

On this day, more than 600 monkeys are invited to the feast: they are treated to two tonnes of grilled sausages, fruit, ice cream and other delicacies. Local do it in gratitude, living in the village of the monkeys, which annually attract thousands of tourists.

When: 25 November

Where: Lopburi, Thailand

The vegetarian festival

Its popularity, this is perhaps the strangest traditions festival is obliged participants to expose themselves to the most refined torture. They believe that extreme piercing, fire walking and other ways of inflicting self-harm will provide them with the mercy of the gods. It is believed that the gods will protect believers who proved their faith thus, from all adversity, and from the scars and death from blood loss. The latter is especially important, as every year fans of this holiday coming up with inventive ways to torture yourself. Basically, the participants of the festival are the Chinese living in Thailand, and here is how this holiday appeared is unknown. During the festival time, participants adhere to a strict vegetarian diet, wearing white robes and follow the 10 rules that allow them to purify their bodies and minds.

When: usually in the ninth month of the lunar calendar (late September, early October).

Where: Phuket, Thailand.


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