The Most beautiful snow festivals in the world

For those who love winter, it is not difficult to organize a festival for the millions of visitors per month to build an entire city made of snow and ice. The collection — three is a Paradise for lovers of winter.

Sapporo (Japan)

First snow festival in Sapporo Japanese was held in 1950, and the story of its creation is very romantic. Tell that students are simply sculpted animals out of the snow and passers-by liked it so much that the idea of turning children’s art into a citywide celebration. Two decades it was an event at a local scale, but the Winter Olympics of 1972 brought the festival to the world level, and in 1974 in Sapporo hosted the first international competition to create pieces of snow and ice.

Each year the festival has expanded. Now it lasts exactly one week in early February and distributed in three areas of the city (Odori Park, the stadium Tsutomu, quarter Susukino). However, for participants, the work begins much earlier: teams arrive in Sapporo almost a month to create their works, and delivered to the city a huge amount of snow on five-ton trucks. To create these massive pieces of wooden frame is created, there is filled with snow, and then the sculptors begin “to cut” from their ideas. They always have to come up with something more original, because the work of recent years is really amazing.

The festival attracts every year about 2 million people, and the fun starts in the dark, when the colored lights turn on and illuminations and becomes very difficult to distinguish real buildings from snow and ice. During the day, in addition to the contemplation of sculptures slides or look at events in snowboarding and freestyle skiing. A whole week Sapporo truly lives snow festival.

Harbin (China)

Harbin snow festival under its Japanese brother and his fate is much more dramatic: starting in 1963, he many times was canceled, interrupted or disrupted, and only since 1985 has started on a more or less permanent basis. Now on the scale of the action in Harbin is not inferior to the festival in Sapporo, and here for the festival very seriously. If a Japanese festival lasts one week, Chinese — a month, and most interestingly, they do not overlap in time. In Harbin the action starts on 5 January and after it ended, you can extend your snow holiday for another week in Japan.

Harbin is located in northeast China, on the border with Russia, in winter there is an average of about -17 °C, but at night the temperature often drops below -30 °C — perfect conditions for snow and ice. Under the festival in Harbin allocated a huge area, and sculptors erect entire cities, which you can walk for hours. Naturally, the Chinese festival broke many records and I would get into the Guinness Book of records. The largest snow sculpture has a length of 250 meters, height — 8.5 meters and created from 13 000 m3 of snow.

As in Sapporo, in the dark, the sculptures are illuminated with colored lights. In the evening the most beautiful ice figure, the light which shimmers and makes an indelible impression.

Quebec and Ottawa (Canada)

Canadian festivals differ from Asian in the first place so that the holiday is not entirely under ice and snow figures. Two major canadian winter carnival held in Quebec city and Ottawa, and they are so closely intertwined that they are better treated as one big event.

In Quebec there is a tradition to open the festival with the creation of the Ice Palace next to the Parliament building, and then starts the program and the international winter contest sculptors. Except for ice and snow figures here you can see concerts of popular artists, fireworks, sled dog race, dancing with snowmen, cross-country skiing, snow football, downhill skiing and ice fishing.

Festival in Ottawa calls “Interlude”, and it includes public skating on ice, various ice shows, concerts, competitions in winter triathlon, weird racing beds, a competition to create sculptures and other non-entertainment. In Canada just really love winter, snow, ice and everything attached, therefore, to find here a place for entertainment — not a problem.

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