The festival Started

One hundred ten years later. The scenery of the space city of the future, battles robots and disco extraterrestrial beings, hardcore-music – all this could be the attributes of a fantastic film, but it was the performance opened on the 10th festival of cinema and theatre “Amur autumn” in Blagoveshchensk.

The President of festival Sergey Novozhilov and General producer Anton Kaluzhny to open the contest came in the original appearance of deep Oldies. The performance was dedicated to the history, because under the auspices of the science takes place the festival “Amur autumn”. Listing sponsors, Sergey Novozhilov and Anton Kaluzhny introduced the host of the opening ceremony. Eight years ago, Anton Kaluzhny met a girl on the promenade, which was asked to bring Dmitry Nagiyev . However, it turned out he had only come for the anniversary festival, but immediately leading to the opening.

-Saving up for a star – parried Dmitry Nagiyev and added, – However, and not accumulated. Just kidding. All for the sake of art.

And Sergei Novozhilov shared joy that Gosha Kutsenko and Irina Apeksimova still managed to fly from Vladivostok, but without decorations. In the play used the bench from Annunciation Park. Despite the half-hour delay, the auditorium was full, and the first showing at the theater of the competition took place.

In theatrical jury included Director Alexander Orlov, journalist Igor Ignatenko . artist Paul Kaplevich . actor Avtandil Makharadze . actress Alena Yakovleva . Chairman of the jury was the actress Lyudmila Chursina.

They are going to look at twelve performances. As noted by Dmitry Nagiyev, “more than half of the titles contain the word “love” – “Women in search of love”, “Intrigue and love”, “Mata Hari: Love and espionage”, “Secrets of love”, “Saved by love” . also in competition will include two performances by Alexander Vampilov “angel, the girl and mantraps” and “Duck hunt” . Comedy “Russian Lotto” . drama “A hard lesson” . main parts were performed by Aristarchus of Wines, Oleg Fomin, Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya and Linda Nigmatulina, instructions for adoption of a child in the play “Dangerous boys” and the original version of the famous novel Choderlos de Laclos ‘Dangerous liaisons’ “Threat. Dangerous. Very dangerous” .

Cynosure was headed by Director Vladimir Grammatikov . and evaluate thirteen films will be directed by Elyor Ishmukhametov . actress Irina Klimova . operator Yuri Lyubshin . actor Vladimir Shevel’kov and film critic Alexander Shpagin .

The contest will present their paintings masters Vyacheslav Krishtofovich ( “it” ),Vitaly Melnikov ( “Fan” ) (the Director was born in the Amur region), Alexander Proshkin ( “Atonement” ). Their second full-length movies will be shown Mikhail Segal ( “Stories” ), Sergei Loznitsa ( “In the fog” ), incidentally, winner of the FIPRESCI prize at the Cannes film festival, and winner of the last “Kinotavr, winner of the Grand Prix Paul Ruminov ( “I’ll be there” ). The program includes four debut – “All gone” (Georgy Paradzhanov), “simple” (directed by Sonya Karpunina), “Daughter” (directed by Aleksandr Kasatkin, Natalia Nazarova), “Merciful” (Director Sergey Kalwarski), but, despite its “debutante”, these films got in line. Parajanov brought the Grand Prix of the festival “Window to Europe”, “Daughter”, and tape Paul Ruminov, was marked at “Kinotavr” and worked on the Sony Carpanini the film “Classmates” Sergei Solovyov, where she acted as the co-writer and performer in the lead role. Also the audience and festival participants will be able to see the tragic farce “Kokoko” Avdotya Smirnova Anna Mikhalkova and Yana Troyanova starring, a satirical Comedy by Victor Shamirov “With me that’s what happens” . and become the first audience of the film “Lieutenant Romashov” (directed by Igor Chernitsky). This film do not appear anywhere.

The inhabitants of the Amur region still have the opportunity to see the performances or the new Russian cinema. The festival will summarize the results on September 23. By the way, this year for the first time will be awarded a special prize (a car) to the viewer.

The culmination of the opening ceremony was the awarding of the prize the crane alikay of Laughter for his contribution to cinema his father, actor and Director Veniamin Smekhova . The continuity of generations is also a kind of history.


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