The brightest festivals of popular culture

This year in Russia declared the Year of culture. But where, as at the festivals of folk culture can fully enjoy all the talents of its people and to see, hear and taste all that our country is rich? We will talk about the best of them.

“Legends Of Tamany”

In early September, in the Krasnodar region on the Azov sea coast, kicks off the festival of Cossack culture. More than two hundred years ago in this place landed black sea Cossacks settlers, who arrived to master the fertile lands of the Kuban, and today it houses the ethnographic Museum under the open sky “Ataman”, which is a recreated Cossack stanitsa of late XIX – early XX centuries. For several days during the festival Cossacks demonstrate the art of riding, showing dancing skills, singing old Cossack songs. An unforgettable sight – a horse-racing festival with trick riding and traditional cutting the vine. The program of the festival also includes folk festival “Green Apple”, the agricultural exhibition, master-classes of folk arts and crafts of the South of Russia.

“Siberian carnival”

Every year on the last day of carnival, the day before lent, in the village Suhobuzimskoe Krasnoyarsk region hosts the all-Russian festival of national culture on the wire of winter. Organizes it a bright holiday action the Ministry of sports and tourism of the Krasnoyarsk territory. The festival is famous for its wide folk festivals, theatrical performances by professional actors and Cossacks, exhibition-fair of folk crafts of Siberia. In the program of the festival – performances by folk groups, an interesting concert program. Unusual sports competitions and contests – valenki hockey, carving through the snow, sleigh rides on dogs, pancake post will interest lovers of active recreation. Smiths and engravers in the eyes of the visitors will produce Souvenirs and coins with symbols of the festival. A special treat – tasting strong drinks from the ice bar and unique treats in the form of a pancake pancakes with different fillings. The kids won’t be bored: the festival has a children’s Playground with several playgrounds and performances of creative collectives.

Buranovskie festival

Original performance of “Buranovskie grandmothers” was inspired by the government of the Udmurt Republic to the organization of a festival of folk culture. The first event of this kind took place on 29 August – 4 September 2013. It was attended by authentic folk groups, ethnic vocal and instrumental ensembles. To participate in the festival expressed a desire teams from different regions of Russia, CIS and far abroad. Directly in the village of Buranovo is “will fly to the Bazaar” – an original Udmurt festival, and a concert of folk groups held at the State Russian drama theatre of the Udmurt Republic Izhevsk. Festival guests can take part in this festival “Usman”, and in the architectural and ethnographic Museum-reserve “ludorvai” to taste dishes of national cuisine. Fans move will impress dance entertainment program “Anapati”. The opening and closing of the festival held in Udmurt state circus.

A few kilometers from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, in lisowska area in the middle of September is a national holiday “Alalalala” which aims to preserve the ancient culture and customs of the indigenous inhabitants of Kamchatka — the Itelmens. Autumn festival “Alalalala” is a kind of Kamchatka thanksgiving. On a large meadow, the organizers of the festival also hosts a fair of works by local artists, hold various competitions and dance marathon that lasts throughout the day.

In the second decade of July in the town of Volzhsky in the Volgograd region each year hosts the international festival of traditional folk culture “Track.” During three days on the festival grounds are folk groups and masters of decorative-applied art of the Volgograd region, other regions of Russia and abroad. The festival concert of Cossack songs, master classes on martial dance, the traditional fair of folk crafts of the Volga region. For guests of the festival are organized tours to memorable places of Volgograd.

An annual public holiday end of spring field work in Tatarstan has the status of a state. “The celebration of the plough” is assigned in late may or in June and is being held in Kazan and other cities of the Republic. The ancient custom of the meeting of the elders of nomadic tribes of Tatars and Bashkirs today turned into a fun festival of folk arts. Festival guests can see the competition riders to participate in battle of the bags, to see traditional dances performed by professional teams, to try national dishes of Tatar cuisine.

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