The brightest alcoholic festivals in the world

There is an old saying, a part of which reads “…and in sorrow and in joy…”, however we prefer to use hard liquor in an atmosphere of joy, at least until morning. For this reason, over the past few decades, the world has seen many festivals spirits, celebrating both the drink and the joy they bring.

The great American beer festival (Great American Beer Festival)

We’ll start at the largest beer festival in America. The great American beer festival, which is held annually in the highlands of Denver, lasts three days and is held in the period between mid September and early October. Ticket price is $ 80, but sober drivers can get in for just $ 25. This is the best proof that the festival really cares about the safety and comfort of their visitors, so they are not blacked out anywhere. The great American beer festival in the format of a public tasting and publish competitions, so that all visitors can enjoy a wonderful day tasting delicious Beers from small Breweries.

The great British beer festival, organised by the consumer organization called “Campaign for real beer” (Campaign for Real Ale), gives its visitors the opportunity to enjoy more than 900 different varieties of beer, ale, cider and Perry from more than 350 different British Breweries. The festival also provides its visitors with delicious food and entertainment like thousands of drunk people are not able to entertain themselves. For those who want to have fun available such trade games like skittles, dice and game on the Apple bobbing station from the water. This event is held since 2012 in the conference centre, Olympia London (London Olympia), which is located within a mile from almost 10 metro stations. Every year this festival attracts more than 60,000 people, so you definitely will not be the only one whose exploits put it on YouTube.

The whisky festival “the Spirit of Speyside” (Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival)

Every spring thousands of whisky lovers go to the Speyside region (Speyside), Scotland, to taste the best varieties of single malt whisky from this region. The whisky festival “the Spirit of Speyside” is not in one place, the tavern or the conference center, and all the distilleries, bars, castles and villages in the region, capturing 400 different events. Starting with tours of the distillery, tastings and conferences and ending auctions, outdoor adventure and party Lunches – this festival offers plenty of opportunities to have a great time. Whiskey festival lasts five wonderful days with whisky. In addition, there isn’t sold a single ticket for all. Instead, visitors can choose the events that interest them and to buy tickets on them.

International beer festival in Qingdao (Qingdao International Beer Festival)

Every year, starting from the second week of August, Qingdao, China, is the large-scale beer festival in Asia. International beer festival in Qingdao lasts several weeks and is full of “beautiful women acting on stage”, music and beer from all over Europe and Asia. This is the best festival in order to try Chinese beer. Here there’s a carnival atmosphere, as in any other place. The festival lasts for three years and is becoming more widespread every year. Here takes place the ceremony of opening and closing and offers both Western and Chinese food, so you definitely want to come back next time.

In Western Switzerland is a small town called Boveris (Boveresse). For many years this village on the border with France was famous for its cultivation of wormwood. Every year in the month of June, this small town is populated by crowds of tourists who want to have fun at the annual festival of absinthe. There are tastings, talk about its making and serving traditional Swiss food. The main attraction, of course, is the “green fairy” in addition, visitors can meet with the owners of the most famous distilleries that produce this hallucinogenic alcohol. There is nothing better enjoyment of absinthe at a great height in the Alps. Every year for this event creates a new poster to help you remember this trip, even if you forget everything you did during it.

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