Ten sexiest festivals of the world

You like incendiary erotic dance, you want to be in society openly dressed seductive beauties or brutal beauties? Then why not visit some of the ten sexiest festivals around the world.

New Orleans Burlesque Festival

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

This lively festival takes place in New Orleans every year in mid-September. Within three days the guests of the holiday shows naughty Striptease-rooms, showing some of the hundreds of incredibly sexy dance. However, you can not only watch, but also to learn: in the framework of this event hosts a series of educational workshops where you will learn how to sensually remove the stockings, and learn a lot of passionate sexual excitatory PA.

German Fetish Ball Weekend

Berlin, Germany

Every year one weekend Berlin becomes the capital of all the fetishists and BDSM adherents. Thousands of fans of such pleasures from all over the world come to this city to participate in perhaps the sexiest weekend of Europe: view uninhibited fashion shows, erotic shows, voluptuous show and to visit many “colleagues” dressed in lace and skin. If you decide to attend this celebration of sex, it’s time to think about tickets: this year the festival will be held from 25 to 28 may.

World Body Painting Festival

In Kärnten, Austria

Body painting is a special direction in the art of their methods, motives and fans, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that the Austrian festival, which runs regularly in the town in kärnten, gathers the crowd of guests. The whole week you can master the skills of body painting, listening to music and watching fashion shows. And those who will make the best pictures, can receive a special prize. In 2012, all interested in bodyart, are invited to Austria from 2 to 8 July.

Sexy International Film Festival

Melbourne, Australia

Every November, fans of the sexy cinema going in Melbourne, where they bring the best candid films produced over the past year on the planet. The participants of the event will showcase dozens of paintings devoted to the relations between people, love and, of course, sex. Get ready, you will find a lot of Nudes! Don’t forget that tickets for the screenings of this festival start selling as soon as March.

Exotic Erotic Ball & Expo

San Francisco, CA, USA

For more than 30 years is this sexual freedom festival filled with live music, exotic erotic dancing, masquerades, special, honest performances, naughty parties, with which you will not want to leave until the morning. Unfortunately, last year was not a holiday, but in the fall of 2012 he will certainly take place. Watch for announcements, exact date is still unknown.

Kinky Salon


This event covers the entire planet: festivals under the same name, dedicated to sexual freedom and expression, are held in different months of the year around the world from Copenhagen to San Francisco from Amsterdam and London to new York. Participants Express themselves as a force, Finance and fancy: dress up in the skin and other exciting materials or not at all puzzling costume and join the tribe exhibitionists.

Nudes-a-Poppin Pageant and Festival

Roselawn, Indiana, USA

This year magically sexy holiday is the largest beauty contest in Nude – will be held in the city of Roselawn in Indiana June 21-22. He’s been in place since 1976, collecting the most beautiful and brave girls from all over North America and, of course, the fans – lovers of their merits. The ladies have to go through a number of tough challenges: competitions from pole to struggle in the oil – and then selected the most daring, clever and sexy.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Although the Brazilian carnival is not officially called a sex festival, but first, remember that any person, ever been on it, these are hundreds of naked bodies, dressed in an incredibly erotic costumes and moving in the same rhythm of Samba, that the few who are able to cause a decent thought. In addition, by themselves Brazilians are one of the sexiest people in the world that already guarantees you many different kinds of pleasures. You still have time to go to the carnival this year: it will be held from 18 to 21 February.

Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Seattle, Washington, USA

This festival in the state of Washington has been conducting since 2002. Its aim is not only freedom of expression, as the majority of such events, but also building people’s positive attitudes towards sexual culture. Hot movies erotic theater productions, as well as seminars and round tables on these topics will be conducted around the clock for two weekends in a row – 16-17 and 22-24 June.

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