Summer holiday Nicholas

The summer holiday of St. Nicholas – may 22. Holy pray when sick at heart, and he is asked for help, prosperity, well-being in the way.

During the life of the Saint worked many miracles. Thanks to his prayers, Myra was rescued from starvation. Appeared in a dream to the Italian merchant and leaving him in the pledge of three gold coins, which he. waking up in the morning, found in his hand, asked him to come to the Worlds and sell rye.

More than once saved the Saint drowning in the sea, deduced from captivity and captivity. Appeared in a dream to Saint equal-to-apostles Constantine, Nicholas urged him to let go unjustly condemned to death the generals who, while in prison, he prayed to the Savior. It helps and now, will certainly need him to pray and ask for help.

Before asking something from St. Nicholas, read the prayer.


“Oh weblogi father Nicholas, the shepherd and teacher of weak faith have recourse to thee to thy intercession and warm prayer calling you! Soon potsize and deliver Christ’s flock from the wolves, destroying e; and Saku Christian country protect and preserve your Holy prayers from worldly rebellion, the coward, the invasion of the heathen, and internecine warfare, hunger, flood, fire, sword and death in vain. And as I showed mercy didst tried men, sitting in prison. and hast delivered them Tsarev anger and visit magnago. tacos and have mercy on me. mind, word and deed in the darkness of mere sins, and deliver me the wrath of God and eternal punishment, that I your petition and also. By his mercy and blagodatiju. Christ God is peaceful and sinless life will give me poziti in Weeze SEM and spare bedrooms in suego standing, grant the same right with all the saints. Amen.”


Sunday at noon, read the prayer of Nicholas-the Saint, light a Church candle I. approaching the icon, say:

“No fear of any night in the dark nor in the light of day. neither in the desert, deserted, nor fire, nor water, neither in war nor in a fist fight, nor in the person of the deceased, nor in the earthly court. There is no fear in the heart of God’s servant/slaves of God. (name). The name of Jesus Christ himself. The son of God, not the fearful death on the cross. Amen.”


“Domotica. sciatica. bone rodimer, all joints and polusustavy, tops, no squeaks, no polite the servants of God. (name) to her not to suffer, let them sleep. Amen.” Saying the conspiracy, light a Church candle and read three times prayer Nicholas-the Saint.


If you feel tired throughout the body, suffer from insomnia are tormented by a sense of foreboding, and after talking with unpleasant people – need after the prayer Nicholas to take a douche of seven ablutions. For women the treatment begins with hot water, with cold. After the seventh time will wash out, looking for the escaping water, say, “the Water you are, the Holy water! You’re all washed and all clean! Cleanse me, a servant of God. (name) pricey, prizori. misfortune, adversity. Amen.” And three times read the “our father”.


“The way the Princess. The path is my king. Faith in Christ was of old. Faith is today. With me my shield, Jesus Christ himself. Spasova hand from every foe. Who me a hand will reach out, he will be dead. The key in your mouth, lock in the river, guarded on me. In the name of the Father and of the Son, and the Holy spirit. Amen.”


This plot is also recited after the prayer Nicholas, bedside sleeping child.

“Come, child, to his house and not bow down to anyone else except his father than his mother. The icon (Saint Nicholas) bow (3 times) Yes parents submit. Amen.”

Then three times to read the prayer “let God arise”.

“Let God arise and will be chiseled His enemies be scattered, and Yes, all run from the face of Him hates Him. As smoke disappears, so will vanish, as wax melts before the face of fire, tacos and will perish Besi on behalf of those who love God and samanwaya the sign of the cross, and in joy saying: rejoice, o Venerable and life-giving cross of the Lord, banish the demons by you probatio of our Lord Jesus Christ, who descended into hell and trampled on the power Diavolo. and gives us you Cross Your Honest on pregnane every foe. O. Venerable and life-giving cross of the Lord! Help me with the Holy lady, the Virgin mother of God and all the saints forever. Amen.”

I wish you all the best and no troubles! Be happy and healthy!

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