Summer festivals where to summer vacations?

“Empty hills” this summer will not. The organizers of one of the most famous Russian open-air festivals in the last year took a timeout. to rethink the format, purpose, and concept. Where else in this summer season outside the city to listen to the music, enjoy the informal atmosphere of modern art and a positive charge?

June 7-9, Kaluga region

One of the largest Russian festivals, where ethnic music from around the world (world music) – Balkan, Celtic, Spanish, Georgian, Russian. Although the event stopped being a city, it was moved to a comfortable space of the Park, where there are hotels and restaurants and a campsite. Actually, for visiting the open-air, too, will have to pay. A ticket for three days will cost 1500 rubles, place under the tent – 1000.

This year the festival headliners will perform Sinead O’connor, the group “Aquarium”, the Ukrainian band “Vopli Vidopliassova” and a reggae band out of new York city’s Easy Star All-Stars. As part of the “Wild mint” festival of national cuisine “World on your plate”, the fair of handmade products and organic food. For those who seek self-knowledge and self-development, will be organized practice and workshops in yoga, qigong, meditation, massage, dance, Tantra, meetings with healers.

June 8, Samara region


It is the largest one-day open-air in Russia and Europe. Last year it was visited by over 300 thousand people. Will be held in a field near the village of Petra-Dubrava. In this year of jubilee, the fifth festival will be attended by Rammstein. Also showed up the group “picnic”, “Semantic hallucinations”, “Kipelov”, “Alice”, “Aquarium”, “Chizh &Co”, “Bi-2”, Mordor.

The camp is not provided as open-air lasts only one day. Entry to the festival is free, but also has the VIP grandstand at 7500-8500 rubles offer places under a canopy, with a restaurant and separate toilet.

June 13-15, Kaluga region

Animated film festival “Insomnia” (“Insomnia”)

This is the first Russian festival of animated films in the format of open-air. As in the case of “Empty hills”, on the fields near the village of Nikola-Lenivets will be a tent camp. On three large screens guests show the trends of domestic and foreign animation in just over 35 hours. Cartoons will twist at night and during the day for sleepless organize lectures and master classes.

To get to the object you festival buses. Accommodation in the camp with their tents – free. The camp will be equipped with cafes, tea, fair, medical center. Needless to say, the space of “Insomnia” fill various whimsical art objects.

4-7 July, Samara region

Grushinsky festival of song

The oldest all-Russian festival of bard song. Now runs on Fedorovsky meadows near Samara. Collects tens of thousands of visitors, most of them adult fans to sing by a campfire during the campaigns. For the anniversary, the 40th festival will have Oleg Mityaev, the Duo “Sardines”. The money for the visits do not require.

July 5-7, Tver region

Open air Patriotic music in different formats – mostly rock. Passes near the village of Bolshoe Zavidovo. This is one of the most commercial festivals, where to pay for everything. One entry to the festival will cost 1000 rubles, to put the tent – 1800 rubles, machine – 1800 rubles. Bring your own drinks and food, so, too, will have to pay on the spot.

Expected performance of group “Bi-2”, “Bravo”, “Secret”, “Alice”, “Aria”, “Night snipers”, “picnic”, “Korn”, “Caste”, the Dolphin, Vasya Oblomov, etc.

1-7 August, Krasnodar region

Open air is the Black sea coast near Anapa. Have already confirmed their participation System of a Down, Guano Apes, Scooter, Ska-P, Bloodhound Gang, Misfits, Skillet, The Subways, Bullet For My Valentine, “Lyapis Trubetskoy”, “Masha and Bears”, Tracktor Bowling, etc. will Open the festival Emir Kusturica’s punk Opera “time of the Gypsies”.



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