Striking events

In the list of the brightest events of 2012 should definitely make the festival “Medieval Khotyn”. Because this year the festival will be held. Date “Medieval Khotyn”  – from 29 April to 2 may .

About what it will be and the good, the organisers said.

As always extensively about the upcoming event, answered Anton Trubnikov.

— Tell us about what the event is scheduled in Khotyn.

— This year’s “battle of the Nations” takes place in Warsaw, for the reasons which we have already referred to. However, Hawtin is the homeland of the “battle of the Nations”, we love and respect this unique and beautiful place, and our loyal audience of local residents and lovers of the middle ages, lovers of medieval battles. In addition, for various reasons in Warsaw can’t go all the reenactors from the territory of our countries.

For them will be organized the first international festival “Medieval Khotyn”, in which for the first time on the territory of the Khotyn fortress will be the horse fights in full contact, horseback clashed, Hiking fights, who managed to catch the fancy of our viewers.

Will participate the historical reconstruction clubs from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, perhaps, the Baltic States and Moldova. We invite you to participate in the festival all reenactors, the level of training which is good enough to try your hand at the international festival.

This event is also important for our Association. It has a bit of a different direction: if “battle of the Nations” – the only fights in full contact, “Medieval Khotyn” is the festival, communion, joint maneuvers, large interesting buhurt by different rules (both full-contact and the middle contact), so the event can participate in a much wider range of fighters.

In addition, for us it is an opportunity to conduct experiments. The festival will present the most striking events of 2012 in Ukraine, which will attract the attention of not only Ukrainians, but also guests from abroad. “Medieval Khotyn”is a special festival, with a special atmosphere. With the usual fights, concert programs, but with an interesting twist. The program is already available. Glad to see the “Medieval Khotyn” everyone who has the opportunity to come (in the meantime, we expect about five hundred participants).

— So who focused the programme on participants or spectators?

— the Program is very clearly centered. First of all, the emphasis is on the reconstruction clubs, to give them the opportunity to organize the life, atmosphere and spend all that they wanted to spend – any experiments, maneuvers, in a word, all the ideas. The organizers support them wholeheartedly.

Yet the audience at the event, of course, will be, as well as an area for spectators, which will be held the horse fights, mass buhurt, tournaments on different types of weapons (halberds, one-handed, single, two-handed swords) and in the categories according to different rules. Also will undergo professional fights for everyone reenactors, costume contest, armor.

“Medieval Khotyn” will be a major international archery tournament, which will be about seven participating countries. The tournament will be interesting, and you will be very spectacular. Our long-standing partner Dmitry Korzenik closely involved in the organization, and many archers from all over Eastern Europe are going to actively participate.

This festival will have a very varied programme and will be interesting in the first place, the re-enactors. But I can assure you: that is interesting reenactors, it is interesting and the audience.

That is how we first showed the buhurt on television. Before the buhurt always been part of extracurricular, because we thought the audience it attracts. So many things that stops the heart reenactor, still unfamiliar to the viewer, and we want to show them, to explain to the audience were also able to understand and love. Reconstruction is interesting, first of all, the internal content, not the cover. It is these things we will be promoting the festival, and the audience will have access to the fortress, stands near the lists.

Be sure to come to the festival. It will be the brightest event of the beginning of the season, wondering where to go as a family. The number of fights will be approximately half the size compared to the “Battle of Nations”, but in the program there will be other nominations and horse riding, Hiking fights, as well as a large buhurt, who so loved by the audience.

In addition, a unique area of Khotyn fortress must come to life every spring efforts came reenactors who give a new breath these walls.

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