Food festivals of Italy.

Here for twelve years manufacturers of the most famous hams in the world is annually organized festival in honor of his favorite, prosciutto di Parma . No joke, it involves 164 manufacturer and over 5000 captive breeding of pigs strictly certain breeds!

The festival program includes exhibitions, concerts, performances and gastronomic tastings, but the main event remains an open Day . when producers open their doors of their factories and invite everyone on the tour. During the festival that happens every weekend: visitors can visit the production workshops, to learn all the secrets of curing and aging real prosciutto di Parma and try to manually sliced ham.

After walking through the exhibition you must visit the Museum of Parma ham . in the near vicinity. There you can not only marvel at how many types of sausages and hams produced in this region, but also to participate in the tasting of prosciutto in combination with the most suitable to her wines carefully selected by the best sommeliers.

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Colorful lemon Festival in Menton

Every year in Menton (Menton) in the South of France is bright and amazing Lemon festival. At this time there are building huge sculptures, castles and towers out of lemons and oranges, and the air filled with the smell of citrus! The lemon festival attracts more than 230 thousand visitors annually and has no analogues in the world.

The largest citrus festival lasts for almost three weeks and takes place from February to March. This is truly a unique global event has been held for over 80 years. Over its holding employs more than 300 professionals of the citrus growers, gardeners, designers. For the preparation of the celebration employ approximately 145 tons of citrus fruits! Every year for him to choose a new theme: “signs of the zodiac” (1967), “the Lemon and the sea” (1971), “Tales and legends” (1986), etc. the organizers of the festival are never repeated in their ideas and surprises, that adds a special touch. Can every year to attend the festival and every year it will be different from the previous one.

In 2013 year will be the 80th lemon Festival, it will be held from 16 February to 6 March, and its theme – “Around the world in 80 days” (Le Tour du Monde en 80 jours).

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Festival in San Remo

The first peaceful years after the Second world war in Italy. On the site of the former ruins of new homes, businesses, and entire cities. However, felt keenly the necessity and spiritual revival of the people. In the country many are now imported from abroad – jazz, twist, Rumba, Samba, tango. But you need something of their own, traditionally Italian. And one of the stages of the return of tradition festival in San Remo .

San Remo is a small town on the Ligurian coast. He was widely known throughout the world under the name “City of flowers”, and not in vain. Florists and flowers of this city brought him deserved fame. Before the war he was also very famous as one of the best resorts on the coast of Italy. On it rested the aristocracy and high society from around the world.

It is believed that the predecessor of the festival in San Remo was the national Song Festival, held in 1948 and 1949 in the Versilia area. This contest was not conducted due to financial problems, but it attracted the interest of the administrator of the casino in San Remo Pierre Bussetti. In turn, Bussetti managed to involve in the implementation of its new project Maestro Giulio Razzi, Director of the radio network RAI. This idea, giving the opportunity to promote their national song, came in very handy.

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A Taste of Greece

Love the Mediterranean countries has led to a “conspiracy” of Italy, Morocco, Spain and Greece: these States expressed the need to recognize the uniqueness of the Mediterranean diet. And UNESCO gave up. Several years ago, the style of food of the inhabitants of this region of Europe was included in the world heritage list. Every year in every corner of the Mediterranean culinary festivals are held, so Greece, which is famous for one of the most healthy diets, can’t stay away from the holidays.

The mushroom festival in grevená

The picturesque town of GREVENA, which is in Northern Greece, was the perfect venue for the festival of mushrooms. Untouched forests brought him right to be called the “mushroom capital of Greece”. Every year in late summer, fans of the forest gather in the Village for a holiday. The official part includes educational seminars and trips into the woods to investigate. The rest of the visitors enjoy the pickled mushrooms and other products from mushrooms (jam, liqueur, nougat). A culinary adventure is accompanied by musicians playing rock and jazz. For those wishing Continue reading

Carnival in Germany or the Germans lit!

You especially don’t be surprised if one morning he woke up and out on the street, everywhere you will meet people in fancy dress, singing some strange song. Surely you will get a feeling that the whole world has gone mad. Only yesterday everything was OK, and now your Professor from the University wearing a clown nose, and classmate actually dressed up as a pirate or even a rabbit. Tranquillity, only tranquillity, my friend. Welcome to the carnival!

In February, in the Catholic regions of Germany carnival. In different regions of Germany it is called differently. In some parts of Bavaria and Thuringia, it is called phasing (Fasching) or fastnacht (Fastnacht), in the Rhineland and Westphalia — carnival (Karneval). However, it is not celebrated in all of Germany. He was especially popular on the banks of the Rhine. Well known carnivals held in düsseldorf, Cologne and Mainz.

This is a very old holiday. It is even called the fifth season. Preparations for the carnival, believe it or not, begins in November! On 11 November, 11 hours and 11 minutes – a magical time. From this moment all over the country held the first meetings of activists of the carnival and officially announced its beginning.

Carnival festivities begin on Thursday, known as Weiberfastnacht (women’s carnival). This Continue reading

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Colorful lemon Festival in Menton
Every year in Menton (Menton) in the South of France is bright and amazing Lemon festival. At this time there are building huge sculptures, castles and towers out of lemons…

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