Kharkov brought “Holy Bread”

The song and dance ensemble “syzirya” Lozova College of culture and arts, Kharkiv region took part in the VIII International festival of Slavic culture “Hammersky autumn” . who 17-19 September was held in the village Hotmark the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation. This year the festival was dedicated to 100-th anniversary of the canonization of Saint Joasaph, Bishop of Belgorod, so the event itself was held under the sign of the spiritual unity of the Slavic peoples.

According to the Director of Kharkiv regional center of culture and art Tatiana Ishchenko, the festival brought together 24 of the creative team, as well as masters of decorative-applied art from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. The trip of our folk group on this traditional celebration of Slavic culture was organized with the support of the Kharkiv regional center of culture and art. Ensemble “syzirya” (head – honored worker of culture of Ukraine Vasyl Churilov) took part in a concert during the Grand opening of the festival “Hammersky autumn”, where she performed the song “Holy Bread”.

Ukraine was also represented by art groups Poltava, Chernihiv, Luhansk and Sumy regions. In addition to performances at the festival hosted a working meeting of the heads of creative teams to discuss common problems in the field of culture and shared experience, as these problems are solved in different regions and States.

Everyone who came to the festival, took part in the official secular and religious celebrations dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the canonization of Saint Joasaph. Before the festival, the participants visited the divine Liturgy and prayer service in the Church of the resurrection of the village Hotmess. From this temple, in fact, started the history of “Hammersly autumn”.

Village Hotmess Borisov district – beautiful ancient area of Russia located on the banks of the river Vorskla. In 1640 on the hills by the decree of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich built a city-fortress Hotmess with the Church of the Resurrection in the center on the hill. In Soviet times, the temple was destroyed.

Festival “Hammersky autumn” was first held in 1997, which at the Council of border regions of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine was declared the year of the unification of the Slavs. Originally this event was in the nature of a spiritual unification of the Slavic Orthodox Nations. Then in the village Hotmess for the first time brought together representatives of the three countries, to attend the consecration of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II was restored from the ruins of the resurrection Church bell, who people called “the Bells of unity”.

At the first festival governors of Belgorod and Kharkiv regions signed an agreement on economic and cultural cooperation between the two regions, the ceremony was attended by the heads of the Orthodox dioceses in both fields. And the Church of the Resurrection was seen as a symbol of unity of our peoples. It was decided to hold regular festival of Slavic culture “Hammersky autumn” – in the triumph of friendship of the Slavic peoples and the development of international cultural cooperation. Since then, the festival takes place in September, once in two years.

In recent years the festival has been held a symbolic gathering of representatives of Orthodox Slavic Nations participating in the festival at the monument to Prince Vladimir in Belgorod.

“So this year, a moleben was served at the monument, and the participants of the festival received the blessing of the Orthodox clergy,– shared his impressions the Director of Kharkiv regional center of culture and art Tatiana Ishchenko. And we all once again proved that nothing unites the Slavs, as folk culture, which draws its roots in a common history, in one Orthodox faith.”


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