Jamaican carnivals, festivals and celebrations

Not accidentally called the island of Jamaica, where it is always happy. In Jamaica organizes various festivals, the most famous – reggae festival, the festive programme. In numerous small towns on the ocean and full of life.

Carnivals, festivals and holidays with music “non-stop” and Caribbean cuisine is an integral part of the calendar of events in Jamaica. Without them, life in Jamaica is not acceptable for locals and for tourists who come here every year.

Reggae festivals “spray the sun” and “Summer” are the most important of them. They are held in July and August with a break of one week on the beaches and gather crowds of fanatical fans of reggae music, which hosts the first-class fun with dirty dancing.

In March or April the week after Easter on a College campus and in other places of Jamaica held a variety of carnivals, which are not inferior to the famous Brazilian.

Every 3rd Sunday of April for the past 11 years, the residents of the capital, forget about business, passionate about dancing, singing and drinking to the music of reggae. This carnival is similar to the famous street carnival in Trinidad Tobago. A distinctive feature of reggae music and as a demonstration of this Caribbean unity.

Thousands of people gather at this festival to witness or participate in the carnival parade, which is held for children and adults. The adults parade runs from Kingston to Liguanea Park, where the main event of the musical competition, this competition attracts numerous musical groups, and to the best performer “soca” is awarded the title of King of the genre and the prize of a thousand dollars.

At first, this carnival was little known in the world and was considered a holiday mainly for local residents. However, in recent times it has gained popularity among fans of Bob Marley, reggae lovers, and just a fun loving audience. The locals are open and friendly, they are always welcome, however, those who were at the carnival, it is better not to bring valuables and expensive jewelry

Orange 9-day carnival before Easter novelty in carnival events, is currently gaining a lot of popularity in Jamaica.

20-29 may festival week in Ocho Rios, the organizer of this entertainment presents reggae concerts,

9-17 October commonly performed jazz festivals.

October 30 music festival is held “Heineken Startime III”, ” Oldies but goodies” and the festival of “Oktoberfest” – a holiday with a German scope.

In the area of the Islands is a series of yacht regattas. One of the most famous regatta Pineapple Cup, which is held every February. Sailors in total, are held a distance of over 800 miles (1288 more km).

One of the most popular sports in Jamaica is cricket, matches in this sport are held here all year round. In April the team of West Indies cricket holds in the Kingston town match call for prizes “Cable & Wireless” against one of the countries of the world.

Very popular is the celebration of Christmas called “Jonkanoo”. It is a parade, a procession of people dressed in Halloween costumes. The tradition of holding this celebration goes back to the past of West African secret societies, and the celebration in the past was a major holiday for slaves.

The third week of November an Open and Pro-Am Golf Tournament.

Throughout the year on the streets of Jamaica held tournaments in cricket.

As in many other countries, Christmas in Jamaica is celebrated on 25 December.

On the same day in Jamaica celebrate “Jonkanoo”, which, in fact, entirely devoted to Christmas.

For two days, the streets are full of revellers human mass, dressed in various Halloween costumes.

Everywhere you can see musical performances, smiling, laughing faces.

If we talk about the traditions of celebrating this holiday, its roots are African secret societies.

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