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The richness and antiquity of traditional Spanish culture, the diversity of its origins have defined the beauty and originality of the holidays celebrated annually in the villages and cities of Spain. About 200 of holidays and festivals have tourist value, and some of them are popular all over the world.

In February all over Spain celebrate carnival. It is especially interesting in Cadiz and Tenerife, where the music, the fun and the abundance of colors and flowers completely change the daily life of these cities.

– In March in Valencia organizes “Fallas”: all over the city huge sculptures are placed differently, depicting famous in the city. on March 19, the sculptures are burned in the presence of an enthusiastic crowd.

– Holy week – spring festival with lots of processions, traditional and colorful religious processions. The most original and significant of them are held in Castilla (Valladolid, Cuenca and Zamora) and in Andalusia (Seville and Malaga).

– Opens in April fair in Seville. The fair grounds are equipped every year anew, transformed into a city within a city. In the pavilions of the fair, drink, sing and dance day and night.

In may, the festival of the virgin of rocío: traditional Andalucian procession, consisting of horsemen and foot people who are sent to the home in Ayamonte, near the Park of doñana, where the image of the virgin.

– In Pamplona from the 6th to the 14th of July is the famous Fiesta de San Fermin, during which the youth ran ahead of the bulls through the city streets.


Every year Spain hosts major festivals. The most famous:

– June – JULY: international music festival in Granada. Concerts. operetta, classical and modern dance and flamenco.

– September – October: international music festival in Barcelona Symphony and wind orchestras, choirs and soloists.

– The second half of July – first half of August: international music festival in Santander. Music, dance, theater.

– End of June – beginning of August: festival theatre in mérida. Classical Greek Latin and Mediterranean theatre.

– September: national festival of classical theatre in Almagro. Classic Spanish and world theatre.

The middle of September — beginning of October: autumn festival in Madrid, Concerts, Opera, drama, classical and modern dance.

– September: the international film festival in San Sebastian.

– October: international cinema week in Valladolid. The religious music week in Cuenca is held the week before Holy week.


Probably nowhere in Europe did not celebrate so many holidays and on such a scale, as in Spain. The entire population of a village or a city block participates in the preparation and conduct of every Fiesta. The team spirit is always in the foreground. Here is the calendar includes only a small part of the festivities: additional information is available at the tour Desk.

The carnival in Cadiz (February): impromptu processions and facetious verses about political figures.

– The Fallas festival in Valencia (March 19): the burning of the Fallas – large dolls from papier-mache, a bullfight.

– Holy week (Semana Santa): a solemn procession, primarily in the South, eg. in Seville, Malaga, Granada, Murcia.

– The April fair (Through 10 days after Easter): spring festival in Seville; the night the locals dance, eat and drink on fair territory (about 3 km2).

– “Moors and Christians” (April 22-24): costumed parades, fireworks and scenes of battles between Moors and Christians in Alcoy (Valencia).

Fiesta of St. Isidro (15 may): the feast of the patron Saint of Madrid, bullfights (the biggest bullfighting season), festivals with music and dancing.

– Rodeo celebration associated with haircut and branding wild horses in various parts of Galicia.

Is the romería del rocío (Romeria de El Rocio): procession of pilgrims on decorated horses and ox-drawn wagons to the virgin of El rocío (Huelva).

– The night of St. Joan with fireworks in Catalonia and Valencia (June): especially beautiful day celebrations in Alicante.

– The festival of San Fermin (the second week of July): running thrill on the street ahead of wild bulls and bullfights in Pamplona.

Mystery in Elche (14/15 August): the ascension of the virgin Mary (Valencia).

– La Mesa (September 24): the feast in honor of the patroness of Barcelona, during which one of the rides is to build a “human pyramid” – Castells and “running lights” – correfoc, as well as the huge procession with figures from papier-mache – gegants

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