Holiday masks, and fun

“I hid under clothes and a clown mask.

My thoughts, intentions, actions unexpected.

I am able to constantly transform and laughing to do that

what may seem to many prohibited or obscene.

To love, not love…”.

Giacomo Casanova.

From 6 to 16 February will be one of the most famous carnival of Venice. Each year, it welcomes throngs of tourists to see and participate in this great event.

The carnival originates from the times of ancient Roman festivals and feasts in honor of the God Saturn, which began after harvest during the winter solstice and was known for a long period of mass celebrations. It is not excluded that here take their origin and carnival masks: as during Saturnalia, slaves were able to sit at the tables together with the owners, and to racial and class prejudices did not spoil the holiday, all wore masks.

There is also a medieval legend about the origin of the carnival. Once the pirates kidnapped the young Veneziano. Men went in pursuit and released beautiful girls. In honor of this event has been hosted a fun holiday that has been celebrated every year.

Before the carnival lasted six months and during the time of the meeting had worn off the edge of reality, overturned all the rules and decorum, only this brief moment everything was completely equal. During the carnival there was no word “no”, nothing seemed shameful or bold, because the carnival was a Paradise, an outlet for people who were forced to live under strict religious prohibitions. Wearing a mask, everyone could do anything – he actually became the man of “X”, incognito. To a newcomer it might seem that the whole town went crazy.

The most important attribute of the carnival were gorgeous costumes and masks, under which it is practically impossible to know a person. But they deserve special mention.

In the NINETEENTH century, the carnival began to fade. And probably would have disappeared completely if not for a group of enthusiasts who in the second half of the twentieth century persuaded the city government to revive this Grand festival of masks.

In our days the once lush and long festivities, were really a bit. BUT! Wise Venetians realised that to forget about the carnival means to erase their history and to deprive the city such pleasant moments. Every year over half a million tourists come to Venice for carnival activities — many are not only admired, but also participate in them.

The carnival is held for ten days before the beginning of Lent. By the way, every year we have a feast theme. For example, Carnival 2010 will be held under the code name “Six senses”, where number 6 resonates very well with the six areas of Venice. During carnival, walking around the city! The streets walking about mummers play Amateur orchestras, parades, fireworks, yeah you name it. The quiet rustle chic dresses on the pavement, a riot of colors, a variety of costumes, a myriad of shows and entertainment. At one point it begins to seem that the whole city was a huge stage on which the action takes place under the name of Venetian carnival.

In the old palaces arranged masquerades, which may be only the lucky one with the invitations. Such closed balls are gathered only elite audience in luxurious costumes, each of which is not less than $ 10,000.

The most elegant ball Venice is – Il Ballo del Doge (the Doge Ball) – which from year to year is in built in the XV century Palazzo Pisani Moretta on the Grand Canal, which can be accessed only by paying 500 euros.

According to the old customs, at the end of the carnival bury straw man. So Europe says goodbye to winter.

In the span of the Venetian carnival is second only perhaps to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. So if you are planning to have fun at the carnival of Venice, don’t hesitate to book the hotel in advance. Problems may occur with rental housing here because flock from all over the world. But note that the already high prices of accommodation and meals, are simply unrealistic during the carnival.

Now a little about the wardrobe. At this time of year, the weather in Venice is constantly raining and a strong wind blows. The temperature in January — February is -3…+10°C during the day and up to -2…+3°C at night. So, collecting bag, do not forget to take warm clothes and waterproof shoes.

PY.Sy. In 1996 at the Venetian carnival has got its own anthem. It was written by the famous couturier Pierre Cardin.

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