Highlights of spring 2015 in Europe

Rest — a change of activity and impressions. What could be more vivid than significant holiday in one of the European capitals? Random.Roo presents a selection of bright spring events which will help orientation you personally find interesting holiday destination.

St. Petersburg

The opening of the fountains in Peterhof 16 may — enchanting beauty pageant. Many tourists come especially for him from afar, you are also worth a look. The celebration begins just before dawn and ends after dark, so that you can manage and at the “Night of museums”.

“Night of museums” will be held from 16 to 17 may and will be in this year dedicated to the great Victory in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945. Historical reconstruction, concerts, performances, one-day exhibitions, author visits — all preparing well-known people for months. The event is significant, apartments for rent in St. Petersburg should be booked in advance.

Of course, one cannot lose sight of the city Day, which is celebrated on may 27. To list all the holiday activities we will not, long. But, as you can easily guess, is to go.


In addition to the famous Tretyakov gallery, the Kremlin and other eternal values, there are one-time events. For example, the Easter festival in Moscow starts on April 19 and this is a great and interesting action. Suffice it to say that every day in the capital will host over 200 events. Imagine how many apartments in Moscow will be rented during this period? Lectures, master classes, charity events, free food, Souvenirs, Easter songs and much, much more — all the Easter festival.

From 25 to 26 April in Moscow will host the “Night at the library”. Will be specialized fairs, communication with writers and autograph session. Even if you are not an ardent book lover, you can still suggest is a great opportunity to make interesting acquaintances.

After the “Easter festival” the festival “Moscow spring” — from 1 to 11 may. The organizers promise to create up to 23 sites with different views on the topic of the great Victory.


Victory day is celebrated here on may 8 due to the difference in time at the signing of the German surrender in world war II. No parades on this day is not carried out, but in the streets a lot of orchestras, and the orchestra often dressed up in the form of the Napoleonic era. The festival is not large, and some very personal, intimate.

On the first weekend of summer (June 6-7) opens the Paris Jazz festival. An event for lovers of the iconic event is one of the most popular in the world, so you can see the best musicians in this direction. Most of the concerts are held in a completely informal setting — somewhere in the Park. Very cozy, almost like the apartment in Paris .


Birthday of the city the Romans celebrated on April 21. Celebrate as only available to residents of the Eternal city. Fireworks, free performances, parades, theatrical performances, gladiatorial combat, and more. Suggest that you try and be sure to visit Rome on this day is absolutely unforgettable spectacle.

First of may in Rome celebrate several holidays: Labour Day with a good scope and Valentine’s Day, an analogue of Valentine’s Day. At the same time dress up and “may day tree” is something of a celebration of the final victory of spring. In General, a day is quite eclectic, but honestly, very funny! Be sure to your apartment in Rome you will be late that night.


From 12 may to 3 June in Prague is the most famous festival “Prague spring”. It is definitely the best classical music festival in the Czech Republic and one of the best in Europe. Come some of the most famous musicians and, of course, their fans. At this time in Prague can be found even crowned heads.

The feast in honor of St. John of Nepomuk is may 15. Saint is the patron of all those, whose activity is connected with water. Celebrated very widely and interestingly, this event attracts both tourists and pilgrims from all over Europe. Apartments in Prague should be booked in advance. Some views are very unusual and is able to surprise even the most experienced person.

The Czech beer festival takes place from 16 may to 1 June. The tradition is relatively recent, but the organizers are doing everything possible (and a little extra) to Eclipse the famous Oktoberfest. The scale of the celebration have not yet, but otherwise he is not inferior to “big brother”.

Our recommendations will make your stay interesting and memorable. Tell me where this spring went you?

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