Gala concert of the festival Pushkin autumn

Last school year my daughter and I infinitely went to theatres and concert halls. Since all of these campaigns were not canceled its daily classes in a dance Studio and not canceled participation in concerts and competitions, and by the summer she was pressed down to the last drop. Sometimes after a performance I carried her home in her arms, because the child off the subway right, it was worth it just to sit down. And this year we rest. She rests.

Gala concert of the festival “Pushkin autumn”

We got to the concert by luck. The year before on such a concert could get by purchasing tickets at the box office of the Alexandrinsky theater. And this time the show was, as they say, a closed, by invitation only. We with Sasha were invited. The daughter of my friend,Cascina age, who studied classical dance, along with her team participated in the concert. Miss this event, the performance at this stage we could not. Then I could not imagine how powerful emotional charge leaves the theatre. And about the festival itself, I heard for the first time.

Honestly, I still do not understand why such a wonderful event not covered. Annual event, organized by the Committee for culture of St. Petersburg, with prominent singers, dancers, theater artists went “whisper”. No, hall, of course, was full. And people are gathered such that the atmosphere in the hall was filled with such warmth and audience appreciation, this generosity on any plot twist that just being there was a pleasure. And the artists he worked with full dedication. And everything was so subtly and naturally thought out, so different and unexpected groups and performers are simply woven into the theme of Pushkin that there was not a second or moments of stress or misunderstandings in the hall. For example, I was surprised to see in the program after a solid list of Opera singers, rather, entertainers Mark Tishman and Zara. And the guys have worked very sincerely. African ensemble “Afro-Band” also fit naturally and thoroughly cheered from the audience. Liked the guys portraying high school students. Yes, all was well. See for yourself.

Opened and was accompanied by a concert of people’s artist of Russia, a literary critic, essayist, broadcaster Svyatoslav Belza, who managed to set up hall for a romantic, lyrical wave. Very simple and spoke warmly about the city, who came specially to act as the master of ceremonies, about poetry and poets, of the time and times.

Throughout the concert was transformed and delightful read poems and excerpts from the works of A. S., honoured artist of Russia Semyon Sytnik

and people’s artist of Russia Sergey Novozhilov.

Hidden from the eyes, unknown to me, the artist, created a magnificent backdrop in the background of the stage, lending a special charm to the atmosphere of the concert. May he forgive me, I finally found and captured.

Children’s dance theatre “Pirouette” where did our friend, opened a dance program of the concert the song “Waltz in a Summer garden”.

Alternated performers. For romances followed miniatures performed by the students of theatre studios; rousing folk dances, engrossed in bright and fair atmosphere, gave the turn of Opera singers and classical dance. Now not to restore some of the names (and some I could be confused). But everyone, leaving in the evening on the stage of the Alexandrinsky theater, was worthy of all praise. A rare thing – when each player with his talent, his art does not allow one degree to reduce the audience’s delight and pleasure to watch and listen. Maybe someone will help me fill in the blanks in names (someone from the performers in the program of the gala concert was not):

Laureate of international competitions Victoria Zhukova

Soloist of the Berlin state Opera Dmitry Golovnin

Honored Artemka Elvira Khabibullina and soloist of the Mikhailovsky theatre Andrey yakhnyuk

Mariinsky theatre soloist Sergey Muravyov

People’s artist of Russia Vasily Gerello

Children’s dance theatre “Pirouette”. These children would dance the minuet, and in the Palace interiors.

Laureate of international competitions Anna Nechaeva

Honoured artist of Russia Sergey Samori and actor theatre “On Foundry” Dmitry Volodin, “Mozart and Salieri”.

Soloists of the Mikhailovsky theatre Natalia Toriashvili and Yuri Andreev. Variation from the ballet “Eugene Onegin”.

Singer Mark Tishman

Singer Zara

African ensemble “Afro-Band”

Exemplary children’s collective artistic creativity Georgian dance ensemble “Saharwi”

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