Food festivals of Italy.

Here for twelve years manufacturers of the most famous hams in the world is annually organized festival in honor of his favorite, prosciutto di Parma . No joke, it involves 164 manufacturer and over 5000 captive breeding of pigs strictly certain breeds!

The festival program includes exhibitions, concerts, performances and gastronomic tastings, but the main event remains an open Day . when producers open their doors of their factories and invite everyone on the tour. During the festival that happens every weekend: visitors can visit the production workshops, to learn all the secrets of curing and aging real prosciutto di Parma and try to manually sliced ham.

After walking through the exhibition you must visit the Museum of Parma ham . in the near vicinity. There you can not only marvel at how many types of sausages and hams produced in this region, but also to participate in the tasting of prosciutto in combination with the most suitable to her wines carefully selected by the best sommeliers.

In the evening many restaurants and trattorias offer special dinners based on local products. And ka’s parents for a walk along the late-night food stands and art galleries outdoors, children on the streets can watch theatrical performances and Comedy skits.

In the last weekend of the festival, the organizers of a charity auction in the heart of Parma: the best specimens of ham auction of Italian and foreign customers, both publish individuals and restaurateurs. This year money raised will go to help victims of the earthquake in Abruzzo . After the auction, the famous chef of Italy offer a taste of Haute cuisine, of course, made with Parma ham.

The festival is usually held during the four weekends of September.

What to try

The pride of the Italians is, of course, Parmigiano Reggiano ( Parmesan ), the “simulated” cheese in the world. Already in the XIII century with grated Parmesan cheese sprinkled on pasta, but in our days this hard aged cheese is dedicated to a Museum . located in a medieval castle. Competition may be only Grana Padano – the only cheese of the same type, age and origin.

Balsamic vinegar of Modena – unique in its genre. It is produced from grapes that are unique to the province of Modena. A simplified and cheaper version «Aceto balsamic” today is used everywhere as salad dressings, but truly valuable is the traditional vinegar (Aceto Balsamico Traditional) . aged in wooden barrels for at least 12 years (sometimes 25 or more).

Mortadella – certainly favorite sausage in Italy. Soft pink flesh with circles fat, exudes seductive aroma. In the Emilia-Romagna it is usually served as a snack along with other sausages in the region: Parma ham . koppai (cured pork loin), Culatello (a type of ham), smoked sausage.

On the coast Romagnola is a must-try piadina . crispy tortilla, folded in half and stuffed Parma ham, soft cheese and arugula . Although, in principle, piadina stuffed anything, including chocolate spread.

Lambrusco – fresh, light sparkling red wine, which is well washed down with local sausage specialities. Say, this wine has the same character as that of the inhabitants of the region: sincere, pleasant and cheerful, it easily adapts to any situation and under any dish. By the way, sparkling red wines anywhere else do not produce.

Emilia-Romagna region, and especially its Emilian part, is famous for the so-called stuffed pasta – tortelli . ravioli , Cappelletti and anolini . as well as cannelloni and lasagna . However, the glory tortellini di Bologna’t compete with anybody! Legend says that they were created in love by a chef in honor of the perfect shape of her navel ladies. Tortellini is good and in a rich chicken broth, and tomato sauce, and simply with butter and Parmesan.

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