Flower Festival in Madeira

From 16 to 22 April on the island of Madeira will be the most beautiful annual festival – the Festival of Colors.

With the onset of spring a variety of colours, originating in different parts of the world, flourish on the island of Madeira. Due to favorable climatic conditions on the island a perfect growing and blooming plants from different climatic regions.

Peak flowering is in mid April. At this time, from 16 to 22 April in Funchal (Madeira, Portugal) is a Festival of colors .

This is a beautiful celebration of spring, reincarnation, rebirth, fertility and abundance. The rich colors and charming aromas pleasing to the eye, intoxicate, creating a unique holiday atmosphere, the fame of which spread far beyond the island.

In the Festival program:

The parade of children;

Carnival procession of the festival of flowers;

The flower market and flower show;

Floral carpets and flower decorations.

On Saturday morning, April 18 . there will be a Parade of children . dressed in costumes of different bright colors. The parade passage area of Practice to of (Praça do Município). During the procession of the children will be built a magnificent flower with a symbolic name “Wall of hope”. Hopes for world peace. Children parade will culminate in the release of doves and a kids ‘ holiday.

Sunday afternoon, April 19 . the Central streets of the city of Funchal (Funchal) will again be filled with people, music, flowers and pleasant aromas. This is the Carnival procession of the festival of Flowers . The most vivid, colorful and anticipated event of the festival. For the first time it was held in 1979. Since then the festival is held every year and attracts many locals and tourists from around the world. And for good reason. The audience will enjoy a memorable costumed procession of colors, musical concert and colorful show performing various dance numbers.

In the days of the Festival visitors open Flower market . The diversity of plant species will surprise even the most demanding customer. Sellers market dressed in national costumes.

The flower show is held in the centre of Funchal on Largo da Restauração, located in the rear part of the famous Palace of são lourenço. Flowers, exhibited, evaluated by the judges, the best are awarded prizes.

The abundance of flora in Madeira gave a start to the development of the art of decorating with flowers. Floral carpets and sculptures of flowers adorn the city. Wonderful works of floral art can be seen on the Central walkway of Avenida Arriaga (Avenida Arriaga).

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