Festivals of Croatia.

February festivals in Croatia:

06-17 February – Samoborski Pasnik in Samobor

Samoborski Pasnik – a traditional carnival, considered one of the largest and most ancient carnivals in Croatia.

The most awaited event in Samobor is definitely maskenbal, luxury festival, which the people of Samobor drive away the bad spirits from the previous year, we say goodbye to winter and hopefully open their hearts to the coming spring.

Samobor since 1885, is the main city of the carnival this part of Croatia. Ten days on the streets there is joy and gladness, masks hide the laughter and songs, and dancing is a way to welcome new life.

But not so easy, the wait lasts until the conviction of Pesnica – main event of the festival. On the main square is the view in which you judge Pesnica – guilty all the troubles of the previous year. On it, people shift all the sadness, failure and disaster. The doll Tasnica burn Tuesday, after which all the troubles and misfortunes of the past. After the death of Tasnica, merriment, which should mark the start of the new year.


12-15 February – Festival of Coffee & Chocolate in Zagreb

Festival Coffee & Chocolate will be held in Zagreb from 12 to 15 February in the Meštrović Pavilion.

Festival of Coffee and Chocolate would represent the best manufacturers in the industry of Croatia and other countries.

During the festival, various tastings, master classes for the preparation of coffee and chocolate, seminars, competitions.

The feast of St. Blaise in Dubrovnik

Within the celebration traditionally held religious processions, vespucius brass bands, fireworks.

The people of Dubrovnik for over a thousand years celebrate the feast of his patron Saint. Blaise, on the day which is wide open urban open door.

In honor of St. Blaise and the day of the city of Dubrovnik hosts numerous cultural, entertainment, music and sports events. The city is particularly magnificently illuminated and decorated, and the locals visit it, attracting the attention of a wealth of original folk costumes.

The flight of white pigeons attracts our gaze to the sky and allows us to remember the values of freedom. On the day of the celebration of St. Blaise is a solemn religious service, a religious procession passes through the streets of the ancient city.

The Celebration Of Valentine’s Day. Blaise – a rapture of praise Holy, which holds in the palm of Dubrovnik, protects the freedom of the city, which in 2009 was included in the List of intangible heritage of UNESCO .

Bal in Varaždin

Bal in Varazdin – “the Viennese ball in Croatia” is held annually. In 2014, the ball will take place on 7 February.


6-15 March 2014 – restaurant Week in Zagreb

Every year in the city of Zagreb during the Week of restaurants more than 50 restaurants offer for all guests menu of national dishes of Croatian cuisine and locally produced delicacies at a fixed price of 100 Croatian kunas (approx.600 rubles) per dish and a glass of local Croatian wines.

On March 21-22, 2015 – the oyster Festival in the Small Ston – Dubrovnik Riviera

The oyster festival is traditionally held in the Small moan that 53 km from Dubrovnik, and is 108 km from the town of Makarska. Gastro the Oyster Festival offers tastings of oysters and dishes of oysters and a glass of good wine and wonderful national songs. Mali Ston is world izvestnosti due to its oyster farms.

Tourist office of Ston

Festival of documentary rock film DORF in Vinkovci

If music documentaries associated picture and sound in perfect shape, DORF binds lovers of film and music, undoubtedly, the best way. In an inspiring atmosphere of the city of Vinkovci enjoy the unconventional Festival of documentary rock film from Croatia and abroad.

The genres of diverse, innovative film about musical idols will give inspiration not only to fans of the documentary, but the movie and the profane, and this year can have a good time by attending numerous courses, exhibitions, demonstrations, books and, of course, concerts.


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