Festivals in Anapa

Of course, the Russians and foreign guests from near and far abroad come to our resort to rest and heal. Therefore, the first plan they have – warm sea, hot sand, a variety of Wellness treatments. But it is known: “Not by bread alone. ” Paraphrase “Not a single sea. ” I want something for the soul, toning, mental mood! And in this sense, Anapa, especially in the summer and the curtain of the holiday season – a real feast, in which they are actively involved not only the guests, but also the indigenous inhabitants of the city.

Yes, in the height of summer in Anapa wonderful! Vengeance the sun is shining, the sea is often calm – it is well warmed up, quietly, deeply. Swim, relax, get yourself in the fun! But many visitors prefer September – “the velvet season” when the heavenly body is not blazing, but exactly warm, not very hot, but all the water in the sea is as warm as summer. September – festival “shock”. Is he with us since 1992. Participate in it the master of cinema not only in Russia but in the CIS countries, Baltic States.

At this time the days have become shorter. Movies can be watched on the big screen under the open sky. This happens on the Theatre square, where is installed a large screen and mounted the podium for the audience. The already cool evenings, people come with their families and even with blankets and warm jackets. Demonstrates all festival ribbons. Needless to say, are brightly open and close on the outdoor stage or in a city theatre (judging by the weather). “shock” always produces on its participants and spectators from a lasting impression when you not only films, including for kids to look at, but also to meet the famous artists from different countries, take pictures with them, ask for an autograph.

Festivals in Anapa held a lot. Popular among them are not only “shock”, but also, for example, sand sculptures. Take a look at them and admire the skill of the sculptors not only in the city of Anapa, but in Vityazevo. However, the sand we did not viscous, flavored different restorative solutions. Nevertheless, the figures turn out fantastic. Then you and the avatar, and the elephant, the wolf and many, many other fantastic characters and heroes. In the sweat of working on them artists and architects from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-don and other cities. It happens that they sculpt and foreigners.

But the festival “Snehana” is of international status. Come to us cartoonists from more than twenty five countries around the world. Exhibition of works – thematic – about the movie, about antiquity, about human relationships. But they gather thousands of tourists and napcan. Review, evaluate, and laughing fit to bust.

Festivals are not only informative and funny, but also sweet and tasty. Not once in summer and autumn, Theatre square becomes a lively market town. In Anapa come some of the most famous beekeepers of Russia and offer a choice of the most delicious kinds of its sweet products – honey graficzny, or assembled with blossoming acacia, clover, and mountain flowers. Right at the shelves cozy pavilions, you can try fragrant Mead and buy a spare bottle, another. Here you will find and propolis and other drugs produced by the never tiring by workers-bees.

Anapa – largely resort for healing the children, not only Russian. To us to rest and treatment here boys and girls from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, other friendly countries. So they organized many festivals of different kinds. Most, most of them devoted to Day of protection of children. On the Central promenade, the Theatre square, in front of the local administration building hosts numerous concerts of Amateur performances, which involve the children from recreation centers for children – fun, golosita, with enthusiasm, drummers marches. However, these festivals are visited by domestic and celebrities of show business. For example, Joseph Kobzon.

All the festivals in the summer it’s just hard to list – “Address childhood – Kuban”, celebrations WHC with the participation of Muscovites, but also cheerful and resourceful from other cities, popular in Russia and abroad Kuban wine, of course – to the opening of the holiday season, which software is colorful and full of different parades and concerts, including and only on the black sea coast marine stage, laser show and a lot more than some interesting and exciting. Watch out for posters Anapa festivals, and most importantly themselves directly participate in them and you get the pleasure that you will remember for a long, long time!


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