Festivals and holidays of Malaysia

Perhaps no country in the world can boast such a wealth of events and festivals calendar. Religious and national holidays, sporting events – from Formula 1 to launch kites, colorful festivals, and even mega-carnival of sales – every month of the year offers activities for every taste. So, going on vacation to Malaysia, be sure to plan a visit to the country in one of the most interesting holidays.

Most religious festivals are celebrated according to the lunar calendar, so the dates of these holidays are specified annually (holiday dates will change approximately the same as in Russia change in the date of Easter).

Please note that the Muslim lunar calendar Hijri does not coincide with the Hindu-Buddhist Shaka calendar. The Muslim year is 11 days shorter than the solar, so each year all holidays are shifted by 11 days. In celebration of the end of the Muslim fasting (Hari Raya, aidilfitri), Chinese New year, Christmas, Hindu festival Dipavali, Hawaii for the holidays in Sarawak and Kaamatan in Sabah relevant community is satisfied with “open day” (open house) for everyone.

Only a few holidays that are considered national holidays have a fixed date:

New year 1 January (it is not output in the States of Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis, Terengganu)

Labour day on may 1

Birthday Supreme Governor June 3

Independence day on 31 August

Christmas day 25 December

January – February

Thai Pongal (thai ponggal)

The harvest festival of Tamils begins on the eve of the tenth month of the lunar calendar and lasts for four days. On the first day tidy home and burn the old stuff. On the second day in the yard in the new pot boil milk, add rice, baked milk and sugar. The resulting dish symbolizes hope for a good year. The third day is devoted to cows and oxen, plowed the land. Animals decorated with flower garlands and fed sweets. On this day in villages are games and shows. On the last day of the festival the young people are chosen by brides. Young girls compete in the art of cooking rice, and the groom walk around the yards, looking for brides and tasting the rice.

Thaipusam (thaipusam)

The feast, held in honour of the God of courage and fulfillment of dreams of Murugan, son of Shiva and Parvati, is celebrated in the tenth month of the Hindu lunar calendar, the full moon, when the sky begins to sparkle the brightest star, Pusam (usually late January or early February). According to the legend, on this day, the mother gave Murugan a spear, which the young God defeated three demons and their army. 48 days before the holiday, many Hindus begin with­keep a strict fast (don’t eat meat, privileges denied­consequences from sex, alcohol, and tobacco).

Chinese New year

One of the most joyful and important holidays in the Chinese community. Happy New year the Chinese have placed their hopes for change. As in Russia, people believe: how to celebrate New year, so the dash­Desh, so the celebration is filled with rituals and symbols.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, beautiful and cozy house attracts positive Chi energy, that’s why the New year often buy new furniture and items in­Terrier and even repainted the walls in the house. The main color is red. Color, koto­ing brings good luck and wards off evil du­Hove. Almost all Chinese homes BU­FLS embellished round red background­rikami and tangerine trees, SIM­valsiruyuschie prosperity and good fortune.

There are parades on illuminare­bathes the streets, accompanied UDI­conscious people dancing dragons and lions, fireworks, exchange of red packets of money, but among all these attributes of the holiday, perhaps the main dinner at the round table with all member­mi family. The celebration of the Chinese But­new year lasts 15 days.

Hari Raya aidil Adha (Hari Raya Haji or Hari Raya Qurban or Aidil Adha)

The holiday is celebrated on the 10th day of donad­catego of the month (Zulaica) Islamic ka­alendar. It is dedicated to the completion of the Hajj and the return of the pilgrims home. On the morning of the believers go to pray in the me­a creature who committed the Hajj dressed in white robes. Wealthy families lead a cow or a goat to slaughter them and time­to give meat to the needy. After the service, the community hosts “open house”.

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