Festivals and events in South Korea

January 01 — January 15

Holiday mountain trout in the province of Hwacheon

In South Korea, every year in January begins the holiday mountain trout. Tens of thousands of ice fishing enthusiasts from across the country gather in the province of Hwacheon, to try their luck on the ice of lake Pareho. The highlight of the festival are competitions on fishing in the icy water with his bare hands.

17 February

Korean holiday Haborym

Holiday Haborym (Full moon festival) is celebrated on 15 th day of the 1st lunar month. Convol Aborym — a holiday traditionally celebrated throughout the village, on this day people wish each other to have passed their woes and failures in the New year, and that year was held in abundance.

The South Koreans have great respect to holidays and celebrate them with colorful and noisy. The world-this country is famous for its festivals, become a spectator and a participant which everybody throughout the year, with your eyes on seeing these bright, lively and amazingly beautiful celebrations of life.

New year Koreans celebrate twice: to go on the holiday of the New year of the solar calendar is celebrated here quite quietly and modestly, in a circle of family and friends. But the New year according to the lunar calendar can be called the longest and most important celebration in South Korea. Within 15 days across the country are stormy Christmas festivities and celebrations, fancy-dress balls and costumed parades.

In the new year’s eve on the lunar calendar, it is customary to prepare a rich dinner, saturated with a huge number of different dishes: tradition says that on this night, sit down to the table not only residents, but also the spirits of their deceased relatives.

Spring is the time of awakening of nature, so most of the spring holidays and festivals in South Korea is the natural theme. In March in the city of Gwangyang Festival plums, when in all its glory presents different varieties of these trees in bloom. In April, Jeju island has become an ideal place for all lovers: during the Festival Sakura they can pass on the petals under these beautiful trees, thereby having blessed their family life.

Buddha’s birthday Koreans celebrated in may. On this day, people visit temples and pray. Many cities become places for wild celebration, the streets are filled with colorful crowds of people marching, and the houses and temples are decorated with colorful lanterns in the shape of a Lotus.

One of the largest and most exciting festivals of Korea — festival of the sea in Busan, which takes place on the territory of all city beaches in the first half of August and annually attracts more than ten million guests from around the world.

Summer in South Korea replete with a variety of festivals. Fans of the cars are definitely worth a visit in July, the Seoul motor show where you can see the latest trends in car production. In taisen-ri in July: the Festival of clay, accompanied by cheerful madness fights in the mud.

One of the largest and most exciting festivals of Korea — festival of the sea in Busan. which takes place on the territory of all city beaches in the first half of August and annually attracts more than ten million guests from around the world. The festival program is full of events: concerts, exhibitions and sporting events, plus every guest of the festival can learn to paddle your canoe or swim scuba. The opening ceremony of the festival deserves no less attention: it collects all known Korean artists, and in the end run on the beach holiday fireworks.

The autumn festivals tell a lot about the national culture. At the International festival of masks in Andong, taking place from 26 September to 5 October, held different views with the participation of dancers and actors in masks, exhibitions and competitions.

National art of cooking is another important part of the culture of the country. In October in the city namdo is the most delicious Korean festival: the Great food festival, during which the famous chefs from jeolla province is prepared amazingly delicious and beautiful traditional South Korea. Culinary masters at work — the sight is beautiful and inspiring, and to try their cooked national dishes is incomparable treat for any foodie.

A unique event in the cultural life of South Korea is considered to be held in October, the international Fireworks Festival in Seoul. spectacular and brilliant. Wizard world level in the field of pyrotechnics create air and light, the colours and lights are quite vibrant atmosphere. Guests of the festival are waiting for breathtaking fireworks and laser show.

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