Festival Primorsko strings

Festival movement art song in the Far East already has a 25-year history.

The first steps of the author’s song were made in the early 70-ies, and the first festival was held in 1976 in the town of Arsenyev.

Next year in Vladivostok, in the Palace of culture named after V. I. Lenin, passes “the tourist Competition of Patriotic songs”. Spent his Regional Committee of Komsomol, the President of the jury was the first female captain Anna Shchetinina, honorary member of the jury – Andrew Theological (famous composer). After the contest was created the first city club of Amateur song.

As its name “Seaside strings” the festival received in 1978, this year it was held at the stadium “Dynamo”. The festival had guests from Moscow, famous artists Boris wachnik and Sergey Krylov.

1979. Festival “Seaside strings” the first time takes place on the shore of the Bay Shamory in terms of tourist camps. The organizers were the Regional Committee of the Komsomol and the club of Amateur song “Search”, whose President was Serhiy Rybalka. The jury members were well-known authors artists Veronica Valley and Sergey Krylov, who gave the festival the song “little Whale Timosha” and with that, the whale becomes the emblem of the festival “Seaside Strings”.

1980. The festival is gaining strength and is becoming a popular event in the city. Guests of the festival – known Duo of singer-songwriters brothers keener.

From 1981 to 1987, the festival hosted many famous bards: Oleg Mityaev, Victor Berkovsky, Alexander mirzayan, Vadim Egorov, Vladimir Lantsberg, Yuri Ustinov and many others. Gradually more and more government agencies and Amateur associations began to participate in the organization and the creative part of the festival. From 1987 to 1989 there was an attempt to move the festival on a Sandy Peninsula, but he again returned to Shamora Bay.

In 1996, the festival brought together artists and authors not only cities of the Far East and Siberia, becoming a regional festival.

Since 1997 the organization of the festival “Seaside Strings” begins to engage, created shortly before the festival, seaside creative youth Foundation “Seaside strings”. Together with the city and regional administration as the Foundation began to conduct a systematic development of the art song, not only during the festival but throughout the year. In the framework of the festival “children’s stage”, which are the children singing and bards, performing songs for children.

Festival 1999 has collected more than eight thousand participants and guests. Was attended by thirty-one delegation. At the festival there were eight different concerts. Geographically, the festival presents artists from Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Blagoveshchensk, Chita, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and other cities.

The festival in 2000, as an experiment, was held on the territory of cozy coves Three little pigs, the Cape is Cool, but on the other hand. This area could not accommodate all comers. Registered more than sixty delegations. There were 14 of concerts, among which were such targeted interventions: outreach concerts in the house of veterans and the city of Ussuriisk, in honour of the city. In total there were sixty-five delegations from across the Far East and Siberia, with the visit to Kamchatka, and, as the guest from Moscow Arthur Gladyshev (Archie). Pleasant flavor made by guests from the USA, Ben Warner, Jake McCarthy.

In 2001, the festival is back again on the old “familiar” location. There were about eight thousand, only registered guests and seventy-three delegations. He was devoted to the work of Bulat Okudzhava and was held under the motto “a Thousand years with Bulat”. In addition, the festival for children was organized by children’s bard camp “GREEN WAVE” . Those children who are fortunate enough to get there, will forever remember those happy days, filled with the joy of communion with nature, new songs and co-creative. For authors and performers, the different parameters do not fit into the format of the genre of art song, has opened a new concert-contest “BLACK DOMINO” . This direction “urban” yard tracks have, as expected, many of his supporters and admirers.

In 2011 the festival Primorsko strings will be held on traditional Chamoret in the Bay “Three little pigs”.


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