Festival of Cuban

Hello everyone, in the last few years one event began to receive more and more attention. This event — Cubana festival, which takes place every summer on the Taman Peninsula . It just so happened that we happened to be at this festival back in 2010, with pleasure visited it, I hope that we will also be able to get out there!

So, I want to tell You a little about this festival, it is not for nothing he gets so much attention, Cuban and on the first channel was on the news . and according to other sources on television and on the Internet and on the radio about the Cuban is a lot of talking and talking.

Why do You think so much attention is the festival of Cuban?

I will answer You. The Cuban is so much talk because it’s a unique festival, which every year is improving and changing for the better .

Now consider some points that, in my opinion, and add to the uniqueness of the festival Cubana.

First — Cubana festival takes place in the midst of a season of holidays and vacations on the Black sea! This is a very serious plus, as You will not only be able to listen to music, but also to spend a vacation at sea!

Second — at the festival of the ramparts are very famous and diverse artists . not only Russia and the near abroad countries (Sergey Shnurov and the group “Ruble”, “lapis troubetzkoy”, Noize MC, “Bravo”, “Tarakany!”, Noggano, Alai Oli, and many other artists of different genres, but still far from us and countries such as USA and the band Anti-Flag , The Locos from Spain, Infected Mushroom from Israel and other eminent groups.

In the third — festival of Cuban is constantly being improved . for example in 2011, the Cuban appeared night scene, which was opened immediately after appearances on the day stage, and I played mostly dance music.

In the fourth — throughout the festeval Cubana installs an incredible number of bio-toilets, which are constantly monitored, and most importantly — on-site Kubana have a shower that You can use . after bathing in the sea, itself, You will want to wash off the salt!

Drinking water distributed on the Cuban absolutely for free . in 2011, not only poured fresh water into the bottle from the tanks, but also handed out bottled water Arkhyz almost not in limited quantities.

Pros you can make more long, but I just have to tell You. probably the most important thing!

For those people who come for the Cuban children, the festival organizers also thought, for example in 2011 there was a special bus equipped for children, in which children read different books by famous celebrities . Tutta Larsen for example, which was a leading Kubana 2011.

Now let’s talk a little about how to live, what to eat, etc.

Where to live on the land?

At the festival of Cuban equipped with a special camp where, if You pay the ticket, You can place your tent and live there quietly. Camp this protected.

If You do not want to live in a tent, you can rent a house or room, Cubana festival is held just outside the village of amber, he Veselovka, but you can find a place to live and closer, almost immediately after you leave the festival grounds with the cards you get in the area where there are several resorts and a lot of shops with mini Bazaar, where you will easily be able to find a roof over my head, posprashivat local.

What to eat on Kuban?

On the festival grounds at the time of the meeting offers a variety of cafes, in which You can quench hunger, right before your eyes You will prepare and pilaf and kebab and served almost any dish that You want.

But if this option does not suit You, You might pass a little walk to the shops, literally 10-20 minutes walking and you are going out to the shops and the market can buy all necessary for cooking.

Well I. probably the last Council . I need You to give — don’t forget a sunscreen, otherwise You risk just baking under the sun and in the place of the sea of enjoyment you will get a lot of pain and agony.

If You have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask us via comments.

I wish You good luck, I hope I’ll meet you on the Ramparts!

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