Festival in San Remo

The first peaceful years after the Second world war in Italy. On the site of the former ruins of new homes, businesses, and entire cities. However, felt keenly the necessity and spiritual revival of the people. In the country many are now imported from abroad – jazz, twist, Rumba, Samba, tango. But you need something of their own, traditionally Italian. And one of the stages of the return of tradition festival in San Remo .

San Remo is a small town on the Ligurian coast. He was widely known throughout the world under the name “City of flowers”, and not in vain. Florists and flowers of this city brought him deserved fame. Before the war he was also very famous as one of the best resorts on the coast of Italy. On it rested the aristocracy and high society from around the world.

It is believed that the predecessor of the festival in San Remo was the national Song Festival, held in 1948 and 1949 in the Versilia area. This contest was not conducted due to financial problems, but it attracted the interest of the administrator of the casino in San Remo Pierre Bussetti. In turn, Bussetti managed to involve in the implementation of its new project Maestro Giulio Razzi, Director of the radio network RAI. This idea, giving the opportunity to promote their national song, came in very handy.

Created the rules of the festival. Various recording studios, then existing in Italy, invited to submit compositions for participation in the competition. They received a total of more than 200 songs.

And so, on January 29, 1951, at a local casino, the festival in San Remo began his story. As planned, the contest was broadcast second Italian radio program. The situation was not like today. The audience sat at tables, which were served by the waiters, and entertainers performed from the stage of a little entertainment. In the three-day competition then participated by three with twenty songs. The first winner of the festival, which has become legendary in the future, became Nilla Pizzi with the song “thanks for the flowers”.

Obviously, this modest situation explains the fact that the debut of the festival has not caused any international response, and even the first drives appeared only two weeks after the vote. The circulation was very small – only sold about eighty thousand copies. But time passed, and since 1954, the festival is broadcast on television, and in 1977 moved to the Ariston theater, which is still.

The late fifties and the sixties have become the gold to San Remo. He gets huge popularity all over the world. In 1960 a live broadcast watched thirty million viewers! Since 1964, the competition involves not only Italians, but also celebrities from other countries.

In 1967, the rule appears which is still active – each artist can participate in the contest with a single song. In General, although the rules of the festival has changed several times, two of them have always existed: the singers perform original songs that have never played in public, and the authors of these songs must be the Italians. And although the festival songs and French, and English languages, written they were always Italian authors.

In the seventies, the festival in San Remo is experiencing a great recession. In addition, it was associated with the crisis in the Italian economy. The most famous performers stopped coming to the contest. In 1975, out of thirty participants, twenty-six were newcomers, and were sold only forty-five thousand plates.

Renaissance San Remo began in the eighties. Then the festival has become more and more like a TV show than a competition. However, this does not diminish the interest of the public to the festival. It unites participants in different musical directions. Under the same conditions compete famous artists and budding talents.

Many winners of the festival in San Remo have become true superstars. Among them, al Bano and Romina Power, winners 1984, and won the first place in 1986 Eros Ramazzotti.

The extraordinary popularity of the festival has invaded even the USSR. On the TV appeared some of its episodes, and in the mid-eighties many famous Italian stars, including al Bano and Romina Power, Tony Esposito, Toto Cutugno, Pupo, Ricky e Believe are invited on a tour to Moscow and Leningrad.

Now, the song festival in San Remo is one of the oldest in Europe. He became the prototype of Eurofestival, which then became known as the Eurovision song contest.


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