Festival “Golden autumn”

RHD Foundation in Iskitim district was held the IV international festival of art and Amateur art “Golden autumn”. The main guest was singer-songwriter Oleg Mityaev.

September 6, from morning until evening in camp “Chkalova” arrived people, not only in cars, many were on foot. Each behind a guitar. Real romance is not wished to live in comfortable buildings, and camped in tents in a pine forest. When meeting people firmly embraced, rejoiced as old friends “Golden autumn” friends for life.

The program of the first day of the festival opened the workshop, which involved representatives of Leisure centres iskitimskaya district, deputies, heads of village councils. The participants of the “round table” discussed the issues of concern to every Manager rural recreation: how to attract young people how to solve the problem of logistical support of cultural institutions. But, in fact, rural contribution able to reconcile the irreconcilable: in the absence of high-quality sound and lighting equipment they surprise their countrymen interesting and spectacular events.

All ultramatic dream about the same thing: to in circles and creative associations worked as many children and adults, teams were busy touring. The meeting participants agreed that in order to solve many of the problems in culture requires a close interaction, Leisure centres, educational establishments and local authorities.

According to the honorable guest of the festival and the participant of the round table, the Deputy Minister of culture of the Novosibirsk region Evgeny Babikov, culture is inextricably linked to the economy. “If the economy is strong, steadily growing, said Yevgeny Aleksandrovich, then you will lose its relevance, the problems that today are so concerned about contribution. Leisure centres will be staffed with all the necessary equipment. Then the villagers will be interesting to live in their villages, because they will work, the opportunity to relax and to be creative”.

Seminar though stirred topical, important, relevant, but still the people waited for the chief: Grand opening of the festival. And it took place.

The organizer and inspirer of “Golden autumn”, the Chairman of the Board of deputies iskitimskaya district Alexander Rukas said: “the Most important difference of our festival is that it is not only a bard, he accumulates a variety of areas of creative activity. Here will find its admirers, those who sings, writes music and poetry, draws, engaged in needlework. Everyone has the opportunity to show their talents and to see the fruits of creativity of other participants”.

Of course, the brightest and long-awaited for all performances of the first day of the festival was the appearance on the stage of the people’s artist of Russia Oleg mitiaeva. The singer entertained us with their songs, many of which have become popularly loved. The audience could sing along with.

And the next day opened a competition site. People in different categories showed the jury his work. “Chkalova” – this Siberian camp became a center of culture iskitimskaya district. Awesome atmosphere, fantastic nature – all favored the active creative exchange.

“Golden autumn” – a unique festival, similar in the Novosibirsk region no, – said the Head iskitimskaya district Oleg Lagoda. – It is encouraging that every year it grows, expanding the geography of its participants, their number is growing”.

The Deputy Minister of culture Evgeny Babikov called “Golden autumn” brand across the Novosibirsk region in the sphere of festivals author and Amateur creativity that is a cause of great pride for our district.

Next year “Golden autumn” will celebrate its first anniversary, which means that participants and guests probably waiting for something more vivid and interesting.

Hope Levin, an expert on public relations and media relations administration iskitimskaya district.

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