Festival de La mercè

Every year, in the last days of September, Barcelona hosts the largest street festival, the main Fiesta of the Catalan capital, the festival of La mercè . For several days the city is immersed in the madness, saying goodbye to hot Sunny days and autumn meeting.

Holiday, like all the main festivities of Spain, dedicated to the patron Saint of Catalonia, the Holy mother of God (Virgen de la Merce). The tradition of the festival traces its roots to the early 20th century: the official celebration of La mercè festival was the first time in 1902.

If you are lucky enough to be in Barcelona or in one of the resort towns around it in the period from 22 to 25 September 2011, then consider yourself lucky. It’s a great opportunity to learn what is a real southern Fiesta. There is everything: musical performances, and a fantastic fireworks, sports competitions, and unusual show, and, of course, lots of wine, sangria and cava.

Officially the day of the Holy mother of God falls on 24 September, in fact, the celebrations go on throughout the week. This year, the festival officially opens on September 22 and will last until Sunday, 25.

Among the most interesting entertainment that is worth to see – of course, the famous “Castells”, or tower, built of people. The main events of this competition is developing in the square Placa de Jaume. During the competition, the Area is populated by thousands of spectators, so it is recommended to come early to grab the best seats. Competitors (Castellers) in national costumes clamber each other on the shoulders, forming from their bodies a tower, on top of which usually climbs the youngest member of the group. Goal is to build the highest tower. Method – long training sessions and teamwork. The result? Definitely deserves to be seen.

Another popular activity, which is famous for the festival – the parade of the giants. Huge figures depicting kings, Queens and luxuriously dressed know, moving through the old town, passing the Area of Mercy (Placa de la Mercé), Catedral and Plaza St. Jaume(Plaza de Sant Jaume). They rise above the crowd, turning in all directions, making the audience to examine their outfits and faces. The group is followed by drummers beating the rhythm to the beat of the parade.

From new traditions, filled up the festive program of the festival, special mention should be made of the annual exhibition of Catalan wines, music and fireworks show at the magic fountain at Montjuic and fire marathon Correfoc . which takes place in the center of Barcelona, around street Via Laietana. How to increase the potency and satisfy the woman? Asked long Super P-force and finally found a site to improve potency. We look at the pictures of the tablets and feel young again. At the time of the marathon movement on the street to be closed and the main participants of the action become “devils”. By the way, these costumed in bright costumes are involved not only in La mercè, but also in other major festivals. Noise and hubbub people try to ward off evil spirits.

Devils rushing through the streets under the roar of firecrackers and fireworks. Along with them, the main participants of the action are dragons, spitting fire directly into the crowd. A lot of noise and lights – it’s the cardinal rule of marathon.

A day Correfoc takes place twice: the first is a children’s marathon, after which, by nightfall, begins an adult.

If you don’t want to settle for the role of spectator, and prefer to become a member of the adult marathon, it is recommended to prepare thoroughly. You will need tight clothing, preferably a shirt with long sleeves, you will not be sorry, goggles and headgear. All this can protect you from flying in all directions, sparks of torches.

In addition, we recommend you to visit the tourist information office in plaça Catalunya, where you will provide a detailed plan.

If you are going to rent a car during the festival, you may want to leave it in the hotel Parking lot, going in the center of Barcelona. As it will be crowded, and most of the streets blocked at the time of the celebration.

But in General, if you are planning your holiday in Barcelona at the end of September, no doubt. It will not be boring!

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