February is the month of carnivals


In Rio de Janeiro and são Paulo, where the carnival is in the nature of competitions schools of Samba dance, the festival opens with a presentation of a symbolic key to the city to fictional character – big King Momo.

The famous sambodrome hosts concerts by the most famous Samba schools League, which ends with a parade of schools-winners, took the first 6 places.

In addition, during the carnival in the evening on the streets of major cities in the country under the drums are carnival performances by Amateur groups.

Unlike Rio de Janeiro and são Paulo, where the passage of costumed groups and allegorical platforms each school is evaluated by the judges, in other major cities of the country carnival is in the nature of the festivities.

According to statistics, every year in Rio de Janeiro for carnival arrives at least half a million tourists.


In February in Spain held a truly Rabelaisian Barcelona carnival, for which the Spaniards themselves have always been associated with luxury and gastronomic gluttony. One of the main events of the carnival is the competition cakes «tortillas” that the jury will evaluate not only the taste and filling, but also in appearance.

Participants can fill their bellies and other traditional dishes: Catalan sausage or spicy meat. The culmination of the festival – giant parade Gran Rua de Carnaval. The carnival takes place not only in restaurants and cafes, but also in the streets and squares.

The Canary Islands

Carnival season in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Gran Canaria takes place from late January to mid February, in Maspalomas – from mid-February to early March.

What you can see at these carnivals? Musical performances, a children’s music competition satirical groups, the choice of the Queen among children, the contests of musical groups, the election of the Queen among older women, the contest masquerade processions and performances of musical groups (comparsas), fancy dress competition, Amateur competition musical groups (rondallas), a music and dance festival, a festival dedicated to the Queen of Carnival contest of rhythm and harmony, clown performances, “the funeral of the Sardine”, musical Zarzuela festival, the children’s final performance: battle streamers and confetti. And finally, the main masquerade procession – “Caribbean holiday”.


The Dubai shopping festival (DTF) – world-famous extravaganza of entertainment and shopping options – is held from 3 January to 3 February.

The festival was first organized in 1996 through the joint efforts of the Dubai Government and the publish sector of the Principality. Every year guests DTF becomes about 3 million people from around the world. The festival begins with the opening ceremony, after which all over the city, adorned with several millions of coloured lights are celebrations that last all night.

Guests who travel to Dubai for shopping, never leave time­charmed. Every day there are lotteries in which lottery luxury cars, cash prizes, gold and more for a total amount of 200 million dollars daily. And on weekends the aggregate value of all prizes reaches a mind-boggling quantities of 500 million dollars.


In Lucerne, Switzerland hosts the annual carnival, whose tradition dates back to the XV century. The date of the Lucerne carnival change every year, as it coincides with the ancient Catholic holiday of Mardi grass, falling on the first Sunday after the first spring full moon.

In the days of the Lucerne carnival, according to the ancient cantonal law, highlights “fatty” Thursday (the beginning of the carnival), Monday and Tuesday. On Thursday at 5 am local carnival hero ’s brother Pritsy” and open the Windows of the town hall and the audience waving their hands down carnival crowd, after which a loud explosion on­marks the beginning of carnival. Hundreds of carnival bands playing wind and percussion instruments, marching around the city. Colourful costumed characters walk on bridges and going on Kornmarkt square, where locals and guests jumping, dancing and having fun under the loud music.

In the “fatty” Tuesday the end of the Lucerne carnival is a huge parade with musical groups, whose members carry lighted lanterns and candles. After the parade all night in Luzern is playing deafening music, and only with the advent of the dawn of life back into a groove.

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