February – carnival

January 27

The second half of February — the traditional farewell to winter in many cultures. Our ancestors passed on to us the tradition of celebrating carnival — the pagan celebration of Christians to the last week before lent. But in this period of vibrant festivals are held not only in the Slavic countries, but in many others — it is known to all carnivals. The most popular of them, of course, the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Venice and nice. Almost all Spanish and Cypriot cities are colourful parades and fairs in many cities Old and New world also lives this tradition. From the variety, you can select some of the most interesting.

Carnival in Binche (Belgium)

Traditionally binski carnival starts 49 days before Easter. This folk festival — the largest in Europe after Venice. The main characters of this holiday — Jilly dressed in the colors of the national flag, with bells on his belt, wooden clogs and a straw humps on his back. Several thousand of these characters passing parade on the third day of the carnival. Each of them — a wax mask with the same face, symbolizing unity. During the procession Gilli which role can perform only the residents of Binche, thrown into the audience with the orange, and only a few receive the fruit of their hands — according to legend, it brings good luck. Besides colorful performances during the festival are the battle of confetti, lots of dances, fairs and other national amusements, which attracts to the town of several hundred thousand visitors each year.

The carnival in Patras (Greece)

In Greece, the winter period is called Apokries, which literally means “no meat”. Across the country held celebrations and carnivals, but the most entertaining and hilarious, of course. no, not in the capital, and in the city of Patras. It begins on the day of St. Anthony (17 January) and lasts until the beginning of lent. As with any carnival, it becomes the culmination of Saturday’s parade, when the long procession of brightly decorated platforms spectator moves along the rows. But until then, the carnival has a lot to see — a special children’s carnival, treasure hunts, numerous contests and rides. Worth a try special carnival wine and fried meat, which is forgiven on the last Thursday before lent.

Carnival in Rijeka (Croatia)

Rijeka’s carnival is different from other European festivals of this period in that it combined the European tradition of carnival with Slavic folklore and customs, all of which gives a bright burst of excitement and merriment. In addition, in recent years the festival Croatia Carnival Snowboard Session and a mock rally Paris-Bakar. But the most interesting — a competition of bell ringers and their performances. The whole carnival is held in a Maritime style and even an effigy is burned directly on the sea shore.

Carnival on Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)

One of the oldest carnivals — the carnival in Tenerife — is held from the 18th century, in spite of the bans, which were imposed regarding the celebration of the Franco government. Festival part of the carnival Murgas & Comparsas (Murgas & Comparsas) — when a local musical groups share their art, songs (usually humorous, but with a political slant), and dancing. Costumes for the carnival are sewn long months and sometimes is so expensive.

Carnival in New Orleans (USA)

Mardi Gras in New Orleans sometimes seems to be more famous than the town itself — the birthplace of jazz and one of the most picturesque places in the USA, due to mixing here Creole traditions with African traditional and new American that has created an entirely unique atmosphere of this magical place. Every day for 2 weeks holiday in the city are colourful processions parades, but actual Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) is the official holiday and on this day there are the most large-scale parties and colorful parades. On this day, wear suits not only the parade, but the audience, if they want. The holiday brought here from France in the 17th century, and may therefore be one of the most famous parades of the carnival is French, which takes place on Bourbon street ” staging “seedy establishments” and features a very candid elements.

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