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Carnival costumes

Our costume shop welcomes all visitors who were looking to us looking for a spectacular outfit for carnival, children, family or corporate event.

We sincerely want to help in the search, selection and purchase of with this festive costume that will truly beautify and delight You or Your child. After all, our mission – to carry joy and the delight of children and adults, parties festivals and carnivals.

What is valuable to our customers

We know what you want visitors to our site

original costume and accessories that are appropriate in size and match the theme of the celebration;

quality, safety and reliability of the chosen outfit;

easy navigation to find relevant models;

consultation our staff during the selection and purchase;

reasonable prices;

timely processing of orders – fast processing & delivery;

various forms of payment including, cash on delivery – after receipt of order.

On all counts we confidently guarantee the fulfillment of Your desires.

What we offer

We present the best outfits and accessories for a variety of holidays. In xed supply store thousands of different models. However, in our “wardrobe” very easy to understand, as all the costumes are clearly structured by headings.

Kids costumes At any children’s party, the party at the kindergarten or the performance at a concert for the kid is very important to feel beautiful and comfortable. For a child, the holiday becomes an unforgettable memory, and the most important thing for parents – to see my baby so happy! In turn, we know that children’s carnival costume in addition to attractiveness and facilities must be safe, practical and reliable. Often the suit turns into a favorite toy, so should withstand active play and frequent use.

Halloween costumes Indispensable attribute of this famous celebration of mystery and horror, which is celebrated by both adults and children. In our collection – chic outfits traditional and popular characters. Extravagant and scary costumes from various global manufacturers will appeal to fans of this unusual holiday, which can easily make a purchase to update its image for Halloween.

Costumes for themed parties and Unusual holiday in a variety of styles is becoming increasingly popular for adults, including at corporate events. Party in cowboy, Latin American, military or any other style suggests a special suit that will allow even a serious adult to transform into the image of his favorite character. And what can we say about dear ladies, which by nature is given the artistry and the desire for transformation! Suits on any topic will help you to choose our consultants.

Costumes for role-playing, Adults too need their holidays in personal relationships. Make a new, unexpected and exciting element, you can use the original costumes. Over 10 categories of various outfits take into account different tastes and preferences, as well as the size and complexion of potential buyers.

The makeup and effects are Often to complete the necessary accessories, props and makeup. All this we offer in addition to the basic configuration of the costume exclusively at the request of the buyer. Our experts will tell you how to best use these components.

Our partners – the guarantors of the range and quality of the costumes

For many years our company works only with reliable manufacturers of costumes from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries. A special pride of the company are direct shipments from far abroad from manufacturers such as Rubies, Costume California and others. Costumes purchased in China, we also obtained from trusted manufacturers, whose products are in steady demand, as they value their reputation.

Important benefits of shopping in our store: unique individual choice of suit, reasonable prices and prompt delivery – all this will help

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Costumes buy in harlequin
Carnival costumes Our costume shop welcomes all visitors who were looking to us looking for a spectacular outfit for carnival, children, family or corporate event. We sincerely want to help…

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