Carnival or masquerade?

Recently in my mailbox revealed several invitations to various carnivals. And, choosing an appropriate dress code “carnival” dress, I thought of doing something different from carnival masquerade, and consequently carnival costume from masquerade. Very often these words are used as synonyms.

Carnival – the phenomenon is ancient and extremely diverse. Carnival in the broad sense of the word, according to M. Bakhtin, is “the totality of all the different festivals, rituals, and forms of carnival type”. This interpretation involves the consideration of the Yule celebrations of the Church’s annual cycle – Christmas time (Zw lften), the eve of lent (Fastnacnt), Trinity days (Pfingsten), harvest Festival (Erntefest). If we add here the ceremonies and secular celebrations of the middle ages, with their winter, spring, summer and autumn cycles (reconstruction of the annual calendar of all of these holidays offered M. Reuten), we get the notion seobythesea, if not excessively extended. Carnival in the narrow sense of the word, as it is commonly seen in German-speaking tradition, fastnacht or fishing – festival, happening during six of the “fat days”, preceding Ash Wednesday (Aschermittwoch), the beginning of lent – Quadraginta. According to the “Dictionary of Brockhaus and Efron” carnival – Church in the countries from Epiphany (January 6) until the Wednesday of the first week of lent, carnival but is commonly referred to as only the last 7-10 days before pure environment, accompanied in the Latin countries, folk festivals, processions, masquerades. The roots of carnival go back to the pagan past, the very same its name comes from the Latin carrus navalis — the so-called ritual wagon-ship in Europe in the bronze age were taken during the holidays idols of fertility. Yet another interpretation from the same Latin carne vale . “farewell, meat”, as they were mostly in front of a Large post.

One of the oldest carnivals of the world is considered the carnival of Venice: he was born during the middle Ages, when the total duration of any holidays was a few months a year. For the first time in official documents this action was mentioned in 1094. Spiritual parents of this magnificent event can be considered a Venetian aristocrats who invented it in order to justify their desire to flaunt in front of each other in unusual costumes and masks.

The word “masquerade” comes from the Italian maschera “mask”, and denotes a ball on which a mandatory requirement of the audience was the presence of historical, national or fancy costumes and masks. It is a pleasure gathering in unusual costumes and masks. Judging by the definition of the carnival, the masquerade can be part of it, the definition of the carnival is wider and includes the notion of masquerade. Therefore, very often, the carnival is considered as a kind of national holiday, which includes the following main elements: dance, drama games, masquerades, processions. D Rennie believed that when a person puts on a mask, the spirit of that creature in the mask which he wears, goes through a time in it and seizes it. Hence originate the masquerade ball, where everyone is free to choose the image that you want and riddles and intrigue intertwine with each other, creating a feeling not only of celebration but also a certain mystical event in which there are unexpected Dating and meeting.

But there is another version. As noted by I. V. Kondakov, masquerade mask the owner uses not only to drop his official role and in return the other. Express yourself, be free from everything artificial that normative life binds the human person is the goal actually masquerade communication. Carnival mask defined freedom of expression. The mask could be, could not be. The masquerade mask hides the man and tells him some game role through which he can realize the freedom of self-discovery. If there is an attempt to Express the “I” without the mask, masquerade world immediately destroyed, the behavior returns to the official rules of the world. If carnival delineates the boundaries of human freedom, just notice the next researcher – the masquerade – border freedom of the individual.

But this is all in theory. In practice, very often the organizers of the costumed evening at the invitation specifies a “carnival”, although according to definition more applicable here, the term “masquerade”… the same suit can sell as masquerade, carnival and how… So just have a good night – bright and fabulous.

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