Carnival of Venice

Every year, in February, when driven by winds from the sea water literally ankle-deep floods St. Mark’s square, Venice is flooded with fairy tale characters from all over Europe and get this amazing sight dream of millions of people around the world.

Venice carnival is one of the oldest carnivals in the world . he was born during the middle Ages, when the total duration of any holidays was a few months a year. Spiritual parents of this magnificent event can be considered a Venetian aristocrats who invented it in order to justify their desire to flaunt in front of each other in crazy outfits.

By the unwritten laws of medieval carnival, in its carrying out by cancelling all social conventions, and everyday rules of life: everyone can do whatever he pleases. Wealth and poverty was hidden behind masks, and then any commoner could count on the attention of the Princess, and the patrician could easily seduce a seamstress, what in ordinary life would not allow him the norms of decency. In the late eighteenth century, under the pressure of revolutionary storms, carnival is almost faded and reappeared only in the seventies of our century.

For several years now there have been persistent rumors that the carnival of Venice exhaled again. During those ten days that lasts for a holiday, there is nothing mind blowing. A few days before the official opening of carnival in the city attracts romantics from all over Europe, and the streets begin to walk the crowded procession of bands and street theatre . striding tease, blow the trumpets and beat the drums, shout songs, launch fireworks – in short, strongly portrayed this very carnival.

Traders put on shelves mountain carnival items: masks, capes, caps – now become a full participant of the approaching carnival can be anyone. On the day of the official opening of the festival on the square of St. Mark arranged presentation of a Comedy del Arte: heirs of the great Scaramouche diligently handing out slaps the Captain and the Doctor. Then the square overwhelm tons of confetti, and are launched into the sky by thousands of balloons. So begins the carnival. He should do next, nobody knows. On stage in turn leave people in expensive masks and exquisite costumes. Spectacle spectacular: among the costumes quite often real works of art.

Actually, the costumes – this is the carnival of Venice . the nobles and the Moors, giants and dwarfs, knights, dressed ladies, and girls in men’s suits, mandatory Harlequins, columbines, and Pulcinella is heroes of the Venetian carnival. Masks come from everywhere, gather in groups and processions, slowly and sedately walking across the square surrounded by crowds of onlookers, throwing balls. The carnival, which United last of all, now divided into spectators and participants. But once in local theaters not only artists, but the audience did not take off masks.

The centre of carnival is Florian café . where you can see all the masks together. Costumed audience, raspredelitel on soft couches, clocks leads to endless conversations, sipping the best coffee from tiny cups. The prices at this cafe over many zeros, but it does not stop visitors who want to immerse themselves in the intimate atmosphere of sophisticated fun. Next year the carnival decided to dedicate the famous seducer Casanova.

The last twenty years of the Venetian carnival regularly attends the Mikhail Shemyakin. The artist not only obrazaet in costumes himself and all his household, but also brings dressed in the costumes of St. Petersburg artists – former members of the group. According to eyewitnesses, this year ten people in St. Petersburg “carnival troopers” made in Venice furor: exclamation of admiration and compliments almost did not abate around finely-conceived and expertly executed aristocratic costumes.

At Shemyakin has a plan to revive the carnival in Venice. Each year it creates new projects, implementation of which, in his opinion, may enhance the staging of the festival, giving it additional meaning and entertainment. Next year Shemyakin doing work in the theatre Goldoni special carnival submission, which will be part of the troupe Vyacheslav Polunin and Anton Adasinsky. In addition preparing a musical program of Italian works of the eighteenth century, planned exhibition of painting and graphics.

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