Autumn in Italy

Italy is beautiful in any season and in any weather, but autumn in Italy has its own unique characteristics: first, the summer heat subsides, and secondly the autumn season is full of various holidays and festivals. So, dear readers, if You are planning to visit Italy in the autumn, You are sure to get any holiday:

6-7 September, Florence the feast of lanterns through the streets of the city is a colorful procession with candles wrapped in paper lanterns.

In September for 11 days Naples-scent of freshly baked pizza, because at this time is the traditional feast of Pizzafest. It attracts the best pizza makers from around the world and compete in pizza making, conduct master classes. But the main event for the connoisseur of pizza is, of course, tasting. To get to the festival ground for tasting, you must buy an entrance ticket (9 euros) – and the whole day you can enjoy a variety of size, shape, taste pizza.

Music lovers will be interested in a traditional contest song lyric of Piedigrotta, which takes place in Naples on 7 September.

On the last Friday of September in Montepulciano (Tuscany) begins crafts festival, which attracts professionals from various cases: blacksmiths, carpenters, potters, jewelers, etc. During the week they showcase their creations, which can be purchased at the fair, give master classes where you can learn the basics of any craft.

The second weekend in September is the traditional “White night” in Rome. It is also called “night of museums”, as they open their doors to visitors for the night, and the entrance to any Museum of Rome – free.

The first Sunday of October is the grape festival in Marino (Rome). Annually from the harvest the grapes are preparing 3000 litres of white wine. On this day, from the fountain of the Four Moors instead of water flowing wine. Everyone can taste, near the fountain are special people who fill glasses or bottles (who brought with) wine. Everything at this festival grandly and nobly, however, in the evening happens, you see, and someone is already taking wine baths in the fountain. At the fair you can taste the different meats, sausages and sweets.

On the second Saturday of October in the town of San Miniato (on the way from Florence to Pisa) you can admire the duck races and even make bets.

One of the most prominent and popular events happening in October in Perugia chocolate festival Eurochocolate. It lasts more than a week, the festival come best chocolate masters Affairs, they share with each other experience and hold master classes. On this day, the smell of chocolate in Perugia hovers everywhere, Nestle chocolate fairs and tastings, you can buy chocolates of different varieties and with different fillings, and also the bizarre forms (what he was doing, except that chocolate city has not built), you can treat yourself to chocolate-based cosmetics cocoa beans. And in this day adorn chocolate sculptures in human growth. And, of course, on this festival of chocolate famous chocolate factory “Perugina” is on the court and tasting their creations. Oh, once in your life you should visit chocolate and visit this holiday!

In the mid-autumn festival of sacred music and art in Rome. In the magnificent basilicas of Rome and the Vatican city can be heard on famous works by J. S. Bach, W. Mozart, G. Rossini, Puccini Etc.

Starting from the second Saturday of November every weekend in the town of San Miniato is a festival of White truffle. You can attend workshops and learn the secrets of cooking this delicacy, as well as learn how to choose from truffles, to try different dishes (risotto, pasta, sauces) with truffles. For those wishing to purchase this delicacy is arranged an auction, however the price for one kilogram can reach up to two thousand euros.

This, of course, not all the festivals and holidays that take place in the autumn in Italy, just the scope of this article is too narrow to write about everything. However, the best part of any journey is not to visit at the famous event about which much is written, and to discover some unknown to a wide range of tourists festival!


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