A Taste of Greece

Love the Mediterranean countries has led to a “conspiracy” of Italy, Morocco, Spain and Greece: these States expressed the need to recognize the uniqueness of the Mediterranean diet. And UNESCO gave up. Several years ago, the style of food of the inhabitants of this region of Europe was included in the world heritage list. Every year in every corner of the Mediterranean culinary festivals are held, so Greece, which is famous for one of the most healthy diets, can’t stay away from the holidays.

The mushroom festival in grevená

The picturesque town of GREVENA, which is in Northern Greece, was the perfect venue for the festival of mushrooms. Untouched forests brought him right to be called the “mushroom capital of Greece”. Every year in late summer, fans of the forest gather in the Village for a holiday. The official part includes educational seminars and trips into the woods to investigate. The rest of the visitors enjoy the pickled mushrooms and other products from mushrooms (jam, liqueur, nougat). A culinary adventure is accompanied by musicians playing rock and jazz. For those wishing to spend the night here provided for camping.

Sardine festival in Skala Kalloni (Lesvos island)

A city in the South of Lesvos is known that there are the best sardines in the whole of Europe. Fish cooked on the grill, fry or use a delightful way: caught in the morning, it is salted in the boat of a fisherman and eat in the same night, with Greek ouzo. In the first weekend of August the main square of Skala Kaloni is transformed into an open air restaurant, where visitors are offered a free ouzo and sardines. Live music and local dancers give a special flavor to this event.

Festival of feta cheese in Elassona

Every two years in the city of Elassona organize celebrations, dedicated to the most popular product of Greece – feta cheese. The region of Thessaly is one of the main producers of feta: it produces almost 27 000 tonnes of cheese annually (30% of the total). According to mythology, the art of making feta was transmitted to humans by the gods. Today it takes place in every Greek heart and is present in the daily diet of the inhabitants of the country. The mission of the festival is to strengthen the financial autonomy of Thessaly. During the celebration show their talents of local musicians and dancers.

The escargot festival in Chania (Crete)

Snails – not just French delicacies. The inhabitants of Crete eat them at least once a week. For the Cretans there is no one way to cook succulent dishes of snails, so they are fried with artichokes, zucchini, potatoes, herbs, butter or make stew. Fried snails, or hohle bubasti are quite familiar to the Cretans dish. The first Saturday in August, all visitors have the opportunity to taste a few snails with raki. The celebrations continue until dawn.

The lentil festival in Aglove (Lefkada)

Mountain village of Eglobe is located in the centre of Lefkada. The mild climate of the region and potassium-rich soils allow us to grow the best lentils, then put on a festive table on 6 August. Local residents are distinguished by sincere love for this product. During the festival, all the faithful are flocking to the Church of the Holy Donatos, and it all ends with festivities.

The eggplant festival in Leonidio (Arcadia)

If you go on a trip to the Peloponnese, make sure that nearby is the fishing village of Leonidio. In this beautiful place grow sweet eggplant, tsakanikas known for its taste, thin skin and lack of pesticides. In the last week of August at the port of Plaka tourists can enjoy the famous moussaka (succulent casserole of veal and eggplant) or a delicious roasted eggplant with feta and tomato sauce. You can take part in competitions in cooking, the rules are simple: be creative and use eggplant.

The artichoke festival on Tinos island

If you consider yourself a fan of the Mediterranean diet, on the plate should always be artichokes. In may the farmers of Tinos give 10,000 artichokes to the festival. The preparation for the holiday begins ten days before the event: local Housewives gather the vegetables and thoroughly clean them. Then they start cooking, the recipes of which the island has in abundance. In the Central square of the city of Komi, you can try artichokes “a La politi” (prepared for the first time in Constantinople), artichokes with vinegar, moussaka, scrambled eggs, stuffed artichokes or roasted with stuffing. Local musicians and dancers entertain hungry visitors.

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