20 amazing festivals around the world

Once a year some countries have strange and festivals. Some, such as the Brazilian carnival and Spanish bullfighting, known worldwide, while others not. So, our list of the 20 festivals, which are recommended to visit at least once in life.

1) Carnival – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – February 28 – March 4

2) Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany. The last week of September – first week of October.

Now Oktoberfest is held not only in Munich but also in other German cities, and even outside the country, although the holiday itself originated in Munich to this day in the city Oktoberfest is the biggest beer festival in the world. In 2013, the total value of supplied beer for the day was estimated at more than 96 000 000 $.

3) Snow and ice festivals. Harbin, China. 5 January – 5 February.

The Harbin festival is the largest festival of snow and ice in the world, which is confirmed by the different shapes of ice, reaching a height of 6 meters and a full ice buildings from giant chunks of ice.

4) Holi is a famous Hindu festival. 27 March

The festival of Holi is known as festival of colors, and it marks the end of winter and beginning of spring. It’s funny, secure and free. Just remember that the paint on the festival have to bring your own.

5) Cabramurra – Base, Spain. September 6

Every year, hundreds of Spaniards over each other fat, to reproduce the theft of the famous statue “of our lady of Mercy”, which took place over 500 years ago. After the festival itself is a great huge party.

6) carnival of Venice. Italy. February 14 – March 4

The Venetian carnival was a tradition since the 13th century. People from all over the world come to Venice to see and take part in the world’s largest masquerade, making this festival one of the best parties on Earth.

7) Festival Helly AA Fire – Lerwick, Scotland – the last Tuesday in January.

It is Europe’s largest fire festival, which ends with the burning ship full of Vikings.

8) Tomorrowland – Boom, Belgium. 27-29 June

This festival has quickly gained popularity and became one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world. Every year more than 100,000 visitors come to Belgium to dance all day and night.

9) Mardi Grass New Orleans. Tuesday before the Day of Repentance, March 4

In many ways, the festival has a mixed reputation. So if you want to throw a party like no tomorrow, and then the festival you will enjoy.

10) La Tomatina – buñol, Spain on the last Wednesday of August.

This festival takes place every year just for fun, it is not tied to any tradition. In 1945, a few locals started throwing fruits and vegetables during the parade and since then the festival has developed significantly.

11) the international balloon festival in Albuquerque. Albuquerque, New Mexico. 5-13 October.

International balloon festival is the largest gathering of balloons in the world.

12) Supershitty cheese race – Gloucester, England, May 26

If You ever wanted to see hundreds of men running up the hill behind the wheel of cheese, then you are on the right track. Cheese race is quite noisy and fun event.

13) Maps Of Coachella – Indio, California. 11-20 April

Maps of Coachella every year can boast the biggest names in music, not to mention the impressive showings of the biggest Hollywood stars. In addition, you can spend a weekend camping in the desert with friends.

14) Dia De Los Muertos. The festival comes from Mexico. November 1.

De Los Muertos or Day of the dead is celebrated to remember all those who came before us. This festival is distinguished by unusual colorful costumes and culture. These festivals are held around the world, but the biggest celebrations take place in Mexico city and Los Angeles.

15) the Race of bulls. Pamplona, Spain. 6-14 July.

Let’s be realistic – who doesn’t like to see people who call themselves idiots? The bull run — time-honored Spanish tradition, which raises the level of adrenaline not only among the participants but also the spectators.

This water battle your dreams. So grab a water gun, bottles, and balloons filled with water and go to Thailand!

17) Burning man – black rock city, Nevada. 25 August – 1 September

Burning man is a place where people go to get rid of the constraints of society. If you want to relax from everyday life and ordinary things – you should attend this festival.

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